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Why is it important for buford wesleyan. It's an overall athletic competition at the high school level. It's a urine points based on how your teams doing the state playoffs of the schools. In the state fight for supremacy in each classification and buford was six i winter so first year and six which is even more impressive. They've been down and five and blows the first year in six say and they won the competition for remotes points based on their state playoff finishes at one state titles in football wrestling and volleyball in a wesleyan. One in class. I private they wednesday titles in both cross countries and boys soccer. So you'd hundred points each for state championships ninety points for making the semifinals. That sort of thing so you can't just win this thing based on state championships though you really have to have well-balanced athletic programs and dual and multiple sports In a wide variety sports and also in was angle sports and that shows great balance and these athletic programs they exceed on both sides with the boys and girls sides and also kudos to jc. They finished as runner up in aaa out of the seven day. Schools north when Was the top finisher. Finished fifth and seven is a great showing again from when the school year. It sounds like it's a difficult thing to win. It's a lotta points a lot. A lot of work does into it starts in the fall. They really keep up with it. The especially athletic directors really competitive and they keep with points their teams get each each season through the fall winter and the spring and a lot of points were scored in the spring and so teams if you have a big lead don't under the spring you're trying to hold on or we're trying to make a comeback if you really strong on a spring sport so it's it's a lot of work and a lot of fun to keep an eye on to we'll as sports editor at the gwinnett daily post and providence christian. Had someone commit to penn state. Is that correct. Yes jordan. Vandenberg is a is a really good story. Actually from south africa grew up playing cricket and rugby a move to the us. When he was ten didn't play any sports here and plays a sophomore at providence. Anita decided to play football and ended up being a really good linebacker and all state linebacker providence He's about six three to twenty five then and earned all state honors didn't have a lot of offers. He thought he should be a d. One player went to our western community college for a season and He's now a six. Three two hundred and eighty found offensive lineman. So he's been on a ton of weight and i still runs like a linebacker picked up all kinds of offers and committed to penn state. This week he has a bright future. It's a he's come a long way in a short time so really proud of him what he's able to do. I know the folks at providence. Really excited can tell me about the new baseball coach at south gwinnett. Ethics southbound made a great hire. Here too it's a kid that played a south when at ryan patterson graduated in twenty thirteen young guy on only twenty six but a believes south played there is part of successful teams there and he wants to be there for a while. He wants to build that program up what it was. It had a rough couple years back but traditionally been pretty good baseball per game over there. And i think he's a guy that can get him back. He's got a background that early in his career. In strength and conditioning imagine his Is baseball players will be hitting the weights pretty hard. But he's also really good baseball players to stand up when he played at south when it had a really decorated all american career at armstrong atlantic. State down the coast and he's got it brings a lot of the table. Baseball is is excited to get back into baseball. And he's coming home to software net which which adds extra motivation for him to do well and we'll what are you looking forward to coming up this weekend next week. I think the stripers is still going strong. They they picked up a big double letter. Doubleheader sweep in memphis they really as of now eight and one against matheson seasons are really on a roll over. That can finish up that memphis series. Well and then they come home next week for a six game homestand. They'll be home from june fifteenth to the twentieth. Thanks a couple. Big things to look for friday night the eighteenth into hank aaron tribute night. Which is going to be pretty important and special for those guys should be fun and saturday. The nineteenth you wanna get out there. They give out mike sirocco bobbleheads on saturday the nineteenth. So that'd be good one for the fans as well so good attendance this week and now the summer's in full full-bore here either out of school we'll hammock is sports editor at the gwinnett daily. Post will thank you so much for joining us on the podcast. Thanks germany has the time. Come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. Peggy slap you properties here to help peggy and the team have been gannett and surrounding areas for thirty eight years helping folks just like you and me peggy slap you. Properties consist of more than thirty five relievers that realized fostering strong relationships with community is the key to their business. They work with you. Regardless of circumstance residential homes are newly built they have listings all over the county in today's climate. 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