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But, you know, I think also we talked so much about the process and make such stars out of The front office or management, but you know, it's it's It's about the players always and what the players do to make themselves better. And so, you know, maybe that's a good place to start is true. Finally, and you just leave it at this After tonight, really interesting road trip for in San Diego hugely interesting. I'll even throw in two in Seattle. I mean, Mariners gave him everything that could handle last night and they go again tonight. And then three in Oakland s O. That's what three cities. I mean, if you count Oakland is a road trip, but that's nine games away from Homer Happy Oracle Park. To you. What's the like? How anticipating? How much are you anticipating this roadie? And is this, you know? Kind of the test of the season. Really? I mean, yeah, There's there's really no break in the schedule The rest of the way it is still, you know, not necessarily. I mean, again. Their schedules been tough all the way through. It really helped that they took eight of 10 from the Diamondback state. They they got a team when they were down that they'd just stripped down a few parts. You know, they had to face Baumgartner. Obviously, there was not going to be at his best coming off the injured list and they got they got what they needed to get down. It took three or four there. You know this this Mariner steam that ended with a six game winning streak. They know not to minimize them. But they did get those wins against the Rangers and Angels, who are pretty bad baseball teams this year s o. I think those games are ones that the Giants are gonna have to try to seize as well and then we know how good the Padres of them. They've got seven games left against them, and we know they've got four games left against the Rockies, and they're all at home. In the Rockies air hitting about to 10 on the road this year, so that could be very advantageous. But you know, they've gotta finish ahead of Colorado. I think and finishing third place in the NL West and then I'm pretty, but I think we're pretty certain that the third place team in the West should Be one of those two playoff teams and and and one thing that's going to be a big for them as they look down the road for that Rocky Siri's and starts on the 21st is the first tiebreaker is season serious because, you know, no tie breakers are going to be played out on the field, and you know there's going to be some tiebreakers that are going Determine playoff position or who gets in and the first tiebreaker between the Giants and Rocky's right now again, head to head record, The Chinese would have to win three out of four from Colorado to tie this season. Siri's and then the next tiebreaker would be record with the division and the Giants should should Being in good position to take that one. So ah, really? That serious to me Looms is the most important one of all that they have left. Great Chatman really interesting baseball in September. It's all we can ask for in this crazy season, so We'll continue reading you in the athletic Andy and check in with you on can be our thanks for the time, man. Sounds good. Tell milk. It's alright for me way too soon. Right, Polly? There you go. Ah, the tech Mel Gibson and the tank will be normal. Now I know we got to go. We'll be right back to say good bye on candy are one of 45 and 6 80, the sports leader. Veces Murph in Mac, Hear it on the tune in at through your smartphone. We are knbr 1045 and 6 80, The sports leader joined.

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