Windows, Law Enforcement, John Mary discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Source: Investigators believe Vegas killer may have fired at jet fuel tanks before firing on concertgoers; 50 pounds of exploding targets found in shooter's car;Hurricane warning issued for Gulf Coast and mandatory evacuations for parts of New Orleans;Tru


If in fact he was aiming for the fuel tank there in eroneous lee thinking he could blow it up what does that tell you about it let's unpack a few things here for your views john first of all the tracer rounds that he attempted to purchase we know you went to a gunshot attempt to purchase in was not able to do so tracer rounds have a little incendiary device on the end of and they generally comedy fourtoone ratio four regular rounds one trace around now it was very difficult to see the muzzle flashes from his firing from the windows on the 30second floor because he appeared to be in deflate back inside the trace surrounds why would have helped his accuracy even from that distance would have also helped law enforcement detect exactly where he was now could even firing them at the tanks is it conceivable because he thought that he could have struck the tanks it exploded them yes but this is a from what everybody says a very smart man and we know that a a rifle round is we're not going to an ignite jet fuel so villa security cameras everywhere and police say they have the luminous amounts of footage they're going through right now exactly what will they be looking for here beyond just say the shooters movements i want to people game here this is a people games still right now anybody he talked to anybody he sat next to it a slot machine anybody he passed in the hallway i'm looking at those and we've talked about the issues that are ready readily visible people are saying how much stuff that he break from the car that's not the question i have the question is i want to see every single face that said a single word and i wanna find a when you think about that billboard question we had earlier for example if there's somebody who passed him in the hallway i hope they see that billboard every conversation counts especially when you're just a couple of days before the act john mary ellen you often profile suspects but what about witnesses here key witnesses say the girlfriend mary lou dan lee what can you tell about her based on what we have heard from her lawyer and based on what authorities have said.

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