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So i'm not at fault for that was really funny. But i'm not at fault for. I'm trying to promote our super weak giveaway in honor of the super bowl. And no one was chipping in with any excitement over it. So i was trying to encourage that. Thank me every time we do. The lucky like me everytime learn something happening. There was a read normally when you do a read you like four with the break but you did the read and then you just said super we go to break or john was going to jump in like we were lyles man. I do a lot of things well. I'm the cleanest broadcaster in the world. Saying ninety nine to maybe a separate london ninety eight taking a couple of readouts terrible ninety nine so bad so we just. We just tried to do a promo for tomorrow. Oh and momo how many takes that four or five four and we still don't have these guys. I'll tell you this. If you keep up this attitude that look recorded is gonna be the open tomorrow. Mobile is killing me on your. That's all he got. I always think that my job on the lookie is to just say one or two things and react to be a conversation. It's a conversation it's your show. I'm just sending it back to you. Don't do pithy when has win. Have i ever been pithy short. You should just relish in it. When i don't talk to me. This is the one time. I need you to talk. Who understands. You mean okay. I'll just say okay. I wanted to get get get gambling games coming up here in just a minute but i wanted to get to jeanie buss and the conversation. She had with the athletic. We talked about this a little bit earlier. But i think it's interesting that jeannie has kind of opened up a little bit. Gene has not been. She's not been out there. She kind of let's rob and and coach through the talk and she was not wishy at the press conference. The russell westbrook press conference. I didn't see her there. Yeah i was there. It was it was. It was a real press conference mace. We were in a press conference room at staples center. I heard that yeah. It was like the first time. I've been to a laker press conference. There was sort of that during the place but it wasn't there at the lake games. Those two they lost in the first round. Now what what do you think is going on. I mean i don't wanna do cova taught. What do you think is going on now. I mean are we going to fans going to be allowed to go or are they gonna wear man mass fence mess because dodger fan starting. Yeah man just going to get used to get. Get some good masks rams fans. Starting saturday have so. I just think the probably at something we're going to have to get used to just got to change your mindset about it how to say i embrace the mask like just have fun with it. I know it is worrying about. Get a really good mass. That doesn't make you feel hot and annoying. Do you have good master. You have annoying. Were for a year and a half already like a month or so. It's not gonna hurt a good example trying to think about over me for this. Because i am so a bridal so much of this mass thing because i got my shots and all that stuff and i'm gonna come on. You're not bulletproof. It's like you get the vaccine and it's good but you know the delta now get you. it's it's not. I know too many people once you start seeing your friends and family and stuff get through breakthrough. You'll put the mask back. Because like i've been going. Scott kaplan breakthrough case minor minor. He said he was fine. He had some symptoms. It was like a cold but no. It's it's definitely pasta. Just trying to think of yourself as a role model. Can you do that. I don't want to be a good example role. I don't wanna be anybody's role model. That's probably a good thing because role model. You're in trouble a good life. you don't. you're doing it right doing it right. I think you you're having a lot of fun. Smoke a lot of weedy you doughnuts you know i mean what exactly i mean you go on vacation all the time you talk about sports. Yeah good i look. I feel very lucky. Lucky to be where i am. There's no question about it too. Great dogs two dogs so manfred. Oh yeah we have you take talk yet with the dog. Voices alfie use higher solve solve. You get paid to do this on. Live radio to talk like your dogs and people like it. You're doing life right. You are now. I didn't watch any of the summer league. Momma did a tiny bit. I can't tell me in the summer league into that. One year the lakers was fun. But really nothing there now. Liangelo boone averaged ten points per game in the summer league for charlotte. Do you think he now is an nba player. Is he gonna make that roster. No he's not maybe the g. league team two way contract. No i wouldn't even go there because d. league contract really. Yeah what else can the guy do. I want to have been right all three kids in the nba. I mean maybe. They need to sell some tickets in charlotte. Maybe they'll do it. I'll tell you what they're going to sell tickets and charlie. They signed terriers here. But they've they've got lamelo ball. Who i think is going to be a transcendent star in this game. I think he's really good. I tried not to overreact to one year. Let's look i think he's really good too was so good. I and i wanted to stay healthy. I e he needs to prove that. I but yeah he's really good. He's really good. He's really good. And i've started to believe that The lavar was right was kinda right. He was kind of provide telling you. I think lavar did a lot of things right as a parent. I mean there's some other things that you could say. He did wrong but he i don't know he's he really train those kids from very early on. He pushed him and he. I mean he's like you did. Did i tell you how he was like taught him to potty train when they were like one. No he's like he's like i. You know just just every time. They would want to do the middle nineties. Put him on the toilet. It's interesting that the babies. Because i think a for example richard williams. I just saw a trailer for a movie. Where will smith plays richard williamson. In the story of serena and venus. It's coming out in the fall. Cool and richard williams named earl woods very much the same thing sometimes that that parent who drives is successful sometimes like for example with marvin marina. Rich marina vich and todd myrna vich. It didn't work. And i think we'd lamelo. It's interesting because i remember a lavar saying this. When i drove all the way to chino one time to do a story on lawns. Lonzo before before the draft and lavar. I have this on tape. Okay i have on tape saying this is not a michael thomson. i scouted. Tom brady and i knew he was going to be great thing. Okay lavar said lamelo will be the best of the three because the melo is more like russell westbrook. He is the most talented of the three. He's the he's a score. He looks for his own shot..

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