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About your feet a physical therapist will analyze your gait a psychologist will help you manage your anxiety but what if walk your affects your hip alignment and the loss of movement affects your mental health the body is connected in unseen ways that's why our doctors work together to care for all that is you Kaiser Permanente for all that is you learn more kp .org Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid -Atlantic States Incorporated 101 East Jefferson Street Rockville Maryland 20 852 here's how I pick my numbers when I play the new pick 5 from the Virginia Lottery I let my dogs decide win up to $50 ,000 they their treat give jar a shake and see how many come running 5 numbers 0 through 9 first number is 6 no 9 no how you choose is up to you play in store in app or online today visit VA lottery .com slash pick 5 concerned about the IRS plans to more intensely scrutinize the tax returns of high net worth people in businesses showman Rogers tax lawyer Nancy Ortmeyer Coon shares advice about how to get out ahead of a potential audit advice that can help all taxpayers she says because people have been given this advance warning that they are going to increase it's worthwhile for them to go back and look at the last three years you know see if the positions taken on the tax returns are reasonable or if there are any very risky positions that were taken and if so they might want to think about amending a return if they amend a return before the IRS comes in the penalties are really non -existent i mean they avoid can penalties and the tax liability if they pay it up front they'll avoid all sorts of problems learn more about showman rogers tax law services at showman rogers dot com the new rate essentials light trap uses light to attract then trap flying insects like fruit flies mosquitoes and for insecticide protection that's people and pet friendly get new rate essentials 28 off to dave dildine in the wtop traffic

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