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That i just don't think i could ever build back because i would be like a private investigator looking at your car bills and call you all the time where are doing what do you do i just don't think i could ever trust right you couldn't and i think there's two different kinds i think that is good people getting bad situations xactly and i think the key to that is you never stay in a bad situation that's what credit i made a deal at the very beginning because i think you're right good people can go down about pound like what will they suit i think about a bachelorette party 'cause writer chugging situational situational so say you and your you and your spouse had just been like slightly disconnected for whatever a month or whatever get your your time and then say you're out in a bad situation whatever whatever that situation as a new no that that situation is not ideal or you wouldn't want your partner in that situation you just get out of that situation will the court instantly i think for me that's the key is but i think a lot of people don't have the terry doesn't have that like he's so naive i think sometimes said he doesn't realize it he was sitting a bar with paul in new york right like it might have been ran everybody came out many there were going press tour and they were there i think i was filming here and so paul said let's go have dinner at wherever so he was sitting at like some restaurant that had like an outside sidewalk thing so they had dinner in they went inside or something right there sitting at the bar solar remember interior goes any told me this immediately he was so grossed out he goes a woman came up behind him and started massaging his shoulders at the bar anyone like you don't terry like that's like known nets lighten knowing point gasoline like what yeah don't you know and he was so grossed up at what if it wasn't him right what if he wasn't grossed out about right what if any rad in moscow i'm sorry i just think that you're either born with it or you're not right you can't you're either you're either capable sheeting or your nice like i know people very close to me are okay with saying yeah it was just a kiss i was nothing it meant nothing you go home and you know you have nothing ever happened and there's no emotional ties to it there's some that just get emotionally tied because maybe they're lacking something at home and then into some women that are men that just don't have it in them like i just think so you don't think a guy could be at a going to keep going back to the batch bachelor party like hideous things happen two bedroom or and there's a bunch of guys yet and of course they hire stripper young figured out her in the sweet i know some of those suites they have just topless girls woman in there getting lap dances whatever it i think you're not allowed to touch when it's private and i think you can do anything right see i don't even know on saying like yeah can get dirty maybe it's like supposed to just be lap dances in funny and like come up when i went to mexico on right house tamra and buddha rappers were there but they will grow i mean the i told you all like that i feel like they were like a humping rose i ran the producer hugged producers at if you if you don't tell them to stay away from me i don't i don't want aren't but i'm a girl and then me but i'm just saying like so let's say your guy and you're sitting at this batch apartment has always topless chicks while ground they're giving lap dances and starts off as you love through split now you're wasted and anything to get more money the stripper gray bowl and so they're being more aggressive you don't think a guy could get into the you know end up like fooling around with some girl like that no i think like you said terry would never write material never have not left and see in that's why i think there's there's some people men and women because women cheat on their batch stripes too i think there's no one hurt them yeah there's some people that just have it in them on a busy.

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