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June Kathy bellinger were asleep in their tent when the first explosion ripped through the air. It was the week of August fourteenth. Nineteen ninety-four and the bellinger's were camping with their dog. They'd picked a site on the beach near Ocean shores Washington. Startled by the echoing blasts, the to hurriedly exited the tent in staggered, outside, searching for the source of the blast. The Waxing quarter moon did little to illuminate the shoreline. Another explosion boomed in the distance this time from further away. Still shaking off sleep, the Bellinger's were bewildered. These speculated that ship had been in an accident at sea or a transformer in a coastal town had blown up. Their dog barked and sprint it to the water's edge, disappearing from view. Jim, ran after him. then. Shouted for Kathy to follow. He's spotted something on the beach. She hurried across the sand, but stopped short when she saw the shore. It was like a war zone. The spiderlike bodies of hundreds of king crabs littered the sand their shells shattered. Some floated in the shallows, bobbing like corks, the softly lapping water. Scattered along the beach, nearly invisible in the dark of night were hundreds of small piles of clear Jelly Light Goo. Meanwhile, fifty miles away. The people of Oakville Washington saw similar blobs fall from the sky. Little did the bellinger's. No, they're citing would drag them into one of the region's strangest mysteries. And possible government cover up. Welcome to unexplained mysteries a podcast original. I'm your host Molly and I'm your host Richard in life. There's so much we don't know, but in this show we don't take. We don't know for an answer. Every Tuesday and Thursday. We investigate the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth you can find episodes of unexplained mysteries, and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. To stream unexplained mysteries for free on spotify just open the APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar. This is our final episode on the OAKVILLE blobs. In the summer of Nineteen Ninety, four gelatinous blobs rain down six times over Oakville Washington and caused a spate of mysterious illnesses. Despite multiple lab tests, no one has ever discovered what the blobs were or where they came from. Last week we trace the time line of the blob falls and Phil residents quest for answers. Those scientists found white blood cells and bacteria floating in the mysterious Gu they couldn't determine. Who put the sales there or why? This week we'll explore some possible explanations for this other worldly event. Maybe OAKVILLE was the. Victim of a freak storm or an illegal waste dumb. Or, perhaps it was ground zero for a cover up so extensive. Peeling back the layers almost three decades later..

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