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Ravens, John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco discussed on High Noon



Feel like is going on in baltimore years the thing though you say that it's better for the ravens i think we need to be very particular about this is that better for the ravens who is that better for john horrible because john harbaugh's the guy that hasn't done that much winning recently right like john the guy this continues to be a struggle is going to be like joe flacco wondering how long he's going to be keeping his job at one thing about doing stuff like this coach is trying to keep their jobs love to come up with you wrinkle and things like root seeking to try to make it happen you are not going to convince me that a guy who many people had the question about whether he was durable enough to play quarterback in the nfl you're not gonna tell me that don't wanna do out there doing receiver stuff who's never been a receiver in his career that somehow this is good for him this is good for everybody but him he needs to be figured out how to be a better quarterback so we're gonna take his time in practice and stuff like that working on these funny little packages to help joe flacco keep his job the whole reason he's there is to take joke like oes job come on man is there anything to the idea that this is becoming a more viable idea because we've now seen quarterbacks fee more willing elsewhere to play the receiver on these trick as right we saw brady try it year foles yeah but let me let me say it was gonna make this interesting though is that it all these cases like when you put the receive the quarterback out there like the wildcats gentlemen's agreement that you lied do loan came generals agreement doing anything like that but this do they eat an actual they right they will be out here treating him like a real football player in the rules of football setup so we don't treat quarterback like they're real football players 'cause quarterbacks are too valuable to be treated like real football players so treat your quarterback like quarterback and again there's no real guaranteed they're talking about is going to work like don't forget when the eagles tried that with michael vick when he got out the.

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