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Need to press on nine zero zero fox news house Democrats already scheduling more hearings in the impeachment enquiring and house speaker Nancy Pelosi says some later this month maybe public many observers predicting the house will pass articles of impeachment the Senate can then hold a trial to decide if they want to convict or acquit the president I think that the the Majority Leader is given every indication that it would be not a short circuited process as it relates to what takes place in the Senate we will see a trial if indeed these articles of impeachment or voted out by the house which seems likely certainly by the end of the year we would indeed have a a trial similar to what we saw back in nineteen ninety nine that ended in early nineteen ninety nine in February nineteen ninety nine of course with the acquittal of president Clinton I think that we would see something very similar to that perhaps in duration as well boxes John Becker at the White House it's a full court press in Iowa where the democratic presidential candidates are focusing their attention ahead of the caucuses in about three weeks Vermont senator Bernie Sanders among those speaking at the fish fry our administration is going to be different because waging a political revolution because we're telling of the corporate elite and the top one percent that their greed and their corruption is destroying the middle class of this country and all the boys distortion doctor to give tax breaks to billionaires New York democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez announcing show campaign for Sanders in Iowa thousands of firefighters battling at least thirteen wildfires in California some of valuations remain in Ventura county with ninety four hundred acre Maria fires now twenty percent contained the speculation that may be another.

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