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You just can't do it in terms of the depth of storytelling in character development in all of that is just it's a mismatch that's why they have heavy weight divisions and super lighter winds variety reported on the academy board's decision the next day under a headline that became an instant classic academy eats at short's in response the initial wave of objections over this decision then academy president robert ramey said quote i understand and am sympathetic to the documentary short filmmakers position but this is not our mission they should be honored by the ida the international documentary association it's that organisations area not ours the winter's don't think paramount or michael eisner they give appreciation to hbo close quote but the uproar grew grill and an organization called friends of short film began organizing a petition and landed the backing of some major names in the industry among the signatories were steven spielberg and george lucas who got their start by making shorts as the taylor hack virt who won an oscar for a live action short that launched his career others who signed onto an open letter to the board of governors included francis ford coppola kirk douglas michael douglas michael eisner semyalo jackson jeffrey katzenberg spike lee jack lemmon city party a robert redford meryl streep barbra streisand robert town and harvey weinstein as a result of this sort of pressure the board of governors formed a subcommittee to research the issue and a resulting ninety two page report unanimously recommended keeping both the live action and documentary short awards it was presented to and passed by the board in early 1994 the same categories however were targeted again in 1999 by which point lawrimore had joined the academy what happened was.

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