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Good at all so many friends family members. Got to step in and find a way to get him out Panthers regarding ever? Did, you ever mentioned, on the air to about the the Joe Murphy piece coming out. Tomorrow we talked about it during, the first cross talk a little bit yes the Joe. Murphy? The former Hawke I covered him when he was with the hawks begin Joe Murphy very popular player and he was. Only here for one about three years right very popular Blackhawk in, the ninety last good team before they. Traded everybody away in all the Murphy Latvia free agency they traded jar that. Traded bell for a couple of years later Kelly was gone and. That was it, he was part of that last group of for their resurgence ten years ago It was a number one overall pick Always homeless in Ontario Canada Karm you you mean your were talking about that specific. Team that team on the canton. Trip we're talking about it at dinner we were. Mentioning the Murphy Nichols line for that That strike shortened seasons right. Was was just like a great great little run Ninety six ninety five, ninety six right there so when I started in this. Business as an intern nobody down the Dow wanted to cover hawks games something give me the microphone in those were the teams that were a player. Way instead of going out getting that player like the old man should have they started then. Trading Ronin and subtracting instead of adding. To a team that was so good I know I went. To the opener I want to say maybe it, was ninety six or something they beat the pens team that had you know I think it was the end of. The MU Yager Yager young.

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