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So you only pay for what you need halfway through the first period in Montreal, the Lightning with a fast starting to lead in a series, they already lead two games to none. Joe Micheletti. We've seen the haves with little push back here, but nothing to show for it on the scoreboard. No, but there they are doing a better job. Vasilevskiy is really having to fight and work to see some of the shots at Montreal is getting Face off right at center ice, controlled by Phillip Danault, dumps it in behind the net and vasilevskiy out to paddle it away himself. Savard up on the rush takes the long rink wide feet out of the zone fires a good low, hard shot, kicked away by price, long rebound collected and brought the other way by Danault. Driving The net is Gallagher Dental Scores Center Lane Drive from Gallagher may have Taken the eye away from Vasilevskiy and Philip to know has his first of the playoffs. Well, that's the key matchup that was against the point line. Now what started this play was serve our Tampa Bay defenseman skating down the right hand side he got in Inside the top of the circle, got a shock, then tried to get his own rebound. So now he gets caught up and it's a two on 12. No coming down the left side. You were right as far as Gallagher cut going quite hard to the net. And, you know, waited for Gallagher to get there. Then he took the shot. Ambassador Husky had trouble finding it goes over his right shoulder and the response by Montreal is a big one. They get to within one. John Cooper has Francis Sharon over at the boards in front of his bench, and they are looking at the video to see perhaps was this offside, It could have been because Gallagher You can see how to step onto no Gallagher was going right down the middle. And are they going to challenge? This does not look at it. It looks like it. So there's been some criticism locally. Put your surprised face on. There's been some criticism of whether or not this to know life needs to pick up the pace offensively here in Montreal. Well, there's your answer, and it's now 212 nose. First of the playoffs at 11 16. Well, maybe, you know, finish. I mean, they've gotten plenty of chances. They just don't haven't done a lot of finish it. Joel, Sir, They're also out there to make sure they stopped the top line there against Joe. You mentioned Savard up on that rush. Carey.

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