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Long. We'll delve into Fritz's dark work after this break. Now back to the story. At twenty one years of age Fritz Harmon was having the time of his life while serving in the German army for the second time, but things were about to change in October of nineteen o one Fritz again collapsed during a training exercise. He was hospitalized with dizzy spells and kept under observation for four months during which time doctors tried and failed to determine what was causing him to repeatedly lose consciousness Fritz suffered from fits of weakness and mental deficiency. It seems that for much of this time he was delirious unable to focus and babbling incoherently after four months Fritz was transferred to the ward for nervous disease doctors there decided that his previous diagnosis the one equivalent epilepsy had actually been dementia. Pre Cox more commonly known today as schizophrenia at the time the diagnosis dementia. Pre Cox were mostly given when patients experienced. Loss of memory and an inability to pay attention, the delusions we associate today with schizophrenia. We're not usually described until the diagnosis was broadened and renamed schizophrenia during the early twentieth century, according to the doctors Fritz dementia. Pre Cox have been cured but not before causing permanent brain damage Fritz Harmon was judged to be unfit for military service and permanently. Invalid at this point in his life for it's been described by three different doctors as possibly epileptic incurably deranged and formerly schizophrenic. It seems medical professionals didn't know what to make of its Harmon their analyses were further complicated by the uneven diagnostic criteria for mental disorders of the time. All they could agree on was that he was sick and unsuited for military service. He was discharged from the army for medical reasons again in nineteen oh two at the age of. Twenty two Fritz was livid to be back in Hanover. He felt suffocated by his engagement to earn. A but did enjoy the false appearance of normalcy at provided he had gone from a job which gave him a sense of prestige in the army back to demeaning job working for his father Ali soon after Fritz returned to Hanover. He and Ali got into a ferocious argument about Fritz's ability to work only claimed that Fritz was not mentally ill and was just acting sick. In order to avoid earning. A living the accusation particularly infuriated Fritz since his condition had forced him out of a position. He enjoyed the army the fight culminated in Ali suing Fritz for attempted blackmail and physical threats. The case was thrown out when Fritz's siblings refused to corroborate all these claims when the lawsuit was dropped Fritz started another lawsuit suing his father for knowingly making false accusations. This time for his siblings refused to back him up. Up likely wanting to keep both their brother and father out of jail, the Harman's siblings changed their stories and testified that Fritz had indeed made physical threats against Ali the threats only got more aggressive Fritz threatened to kill his father on multiple occasions. He also threatened to turn into the police for some past crime Fritz claim to know about Fritz also grew more violent his mother had passed away the previous year while Fritz was in the army, perhaps this experience rekindled a rage toward Ali that he had held onto for years or maybe all he had finally pushed for its to his breaking point, even though all Harman's case was dropped. He had demanded that Fritz undergo yet, another psychological examination in connection with the charges. The court agreed and ordered the evaluation to be carried out. It's unclear why all he asked for such an evaluation when he maintained for years that Fritz was not truly mentally ill. Nevertheless. The evaluation proceeded and once again produced a new diagnosis a psychologist named Dr Andre pronounced that though Fritz was morally inferior and of little intelligence. He was not mentally unstable with this diagnosis Fritz avoid being sent back to a mental institution relieved for its reconciled with his father the following year. Their relationship improved so much in fact that Ali lent money to Fritz and his fiancee earner to open a fish monkey where they sold fresh seafood. The business was largely run by earner and was purchased in her name Fritz got a job as an insurance salesman, but quit almost immediately. After receiving a notification from the army, though, it had been two years since he had been discharged the army officially classified for its as medically unfit to work anywhere in Germany this brought a slight increase to his army, pension, and lent. Some credibility to his previous claims that he could not. A job. But things never went for his way for long that same year earn a- once again pregnant with Fritz ze child ended their four year engagement for its who had never been the most attentive partner had been going out more often and staying out later. He used the new free time he gained from not working to assault. Young boys more frequently and commit burglaries. He all. But ignored earn except for when he needed money, the final straw came when Fritz publicly accused her of having an affair with a man named Hyneman earn kicked him out since the fish monger was in her name Fritz was left with nothing, but his small monthly military pension Fritz spiraled out he became more involved in the underworld of Hanover. He spent the next ten years in and out of jail for burglary and assault. He did take some legitimate jobs during this time, but never held onto them from nineteen o five to nineteen thirteen. He was fine. Tired repeatedly for stealing from his bosses and their customers. He also got involved in more gruesome enterprises, he met Frau ghoulish disturbed woman he met while working as a clerk for a paint manufacturer and together they sporadically robbed graves depair. Joined with ghoulish is ten year old son and formed a team of these they still paint from their bosses broke into ghoulish neighbor's apartment and burglarized. The local graveyards going so far as to pilfer segments of tombstones eventually Fritz was fired and arrested for stealing the paint. But neither he nor Frau ghoulish was ever caught robbing graves Fritz was angry and alone. He acted on his worst impulses and had no one he cared for. He had little contact with his family and seemed caught in a never ending cycle of rest and release the web to this point. None of his convictions kept him in jail for very long. That was soon to change. In nineteen thirteen at the age of thirty three Fritz was sentenced to his longest prison stint today, he was given five years in jail after police searched his home and found a trove of stolen property linking him to a string of burglaries after a decade living as a criminal destitute and directionless the extended jail time hit for its Harmon hard instead of making tempts to avoid the police or cut some kind of deal as he had done in the past. He accepted the sentence without much complaint in prison Fritz showed signs of his younger self he remained calm and cooperative throughout the long prison term in the final years of his sentence. Fritz was allowed to work as a laborer on the grounds of several nearby manor homes. The arrangement came as a result of the start of World War One. Most able bodied men were enlisted which meant labor was scarce and prisoners were recruited to pick up the slack. It galled Fritz that he couldn't join the war effort. But still he behaved himself despite his background the owners of the manors liked Fritz and even tried to get him released from prison early. Curiously though, he escaped from the asylum years earlier and his new work deal. Afforded him able opportunity to escape again. He served out the entirety of his sentence. He was released in nineteen eighteen seven months before the end of the war. After his release Fritz moved to Berlin he attempted to start a new away from his criminal past. But it seems he couldn't fight as worst inclinations for long. He abruptly went back to Hanover after a few weeks. He stayed with his sister for a short time and then moved into a small apartment in August of nineteen eighteen almost immediately upon returning to Hanover Fritz fell back into his former lifestyle Hanover station, became Fritz's base of criminal operations. He probably station late at night and became well known in the area, he solicited male sex workers and searched for young males, especially runaways and boys traveling alone who could lure back to his home. He promised the boys a place to stay or warm meal. Then once they were in his apartment for its harm lock the door and sexually assaulted them. He also made a living buying and selling stolen property. Around the station due to the poor state of Germany following World War One which Fritz said horrified him. There were plenty of opportunities to traffic stolen, commodities sugar cigarettes and other basic items became difficult to attain legally after the war and their value skyrocketed on the black market. The only thing stopping Fritz? Now was the police who occasionally patrolled the station, but the lack of resources affected law enforcement as well, Germany was forbidden from recruiting army, and the police's ability to arm themselves was extremely limited Fritz capitalized on their desperation and forged a relationship with the police as an informant with limited options, the police accepted for his assistance and used him to conduct stings he posed as a fence or buyer of stolen goods once criminals sold him stolen property for its past the identities of the sellers onto police. The police would then raid Fritz Harman's apartment confiscate the contraband and arrest the people who sold it to him to avoid suspicion Fritz was also arrested during these raids, but was turned loose afterward. Fritz Harmon also were teen Lee performed citizen's arrests at Hanover station. He detained people he deemed suspicious and travelers possession of forged identification. Documents with Fritz help the police were able to crack down on small time criminals and keep watch over Hanover's market Fritz's efforts, gradually won him, the polices. Trust eventually Fritz harm was allowed to prowl Hanover station, whenever he wanted station employees knew of his association with law enforcement, and so never questioned it when Fritz interrogated and occasionally left with young travelers in the dead of night. He now had police protection and easy access to Bonera, boys. Double-crossing his fellow criminals and pa-. Police at the same time thrilled Fritz he loved nothing more than luring people in under false pretenses and striking at them when they least expected it. He flaunted his new invincibility around the station and gradually grew more daring.

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