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Rather be fusion between a bear scorpion or tiger spider there in a scorpion tiger and his fighter favorite ice cream flavor chocolate chocolate chip without the mid other mentors era chocolate chip is good and then cookie dough is good too and cake batter bowl cake better ice cream but anything was smart goals jimmy's whatever you wanna call them favorite fortnight's give looking at the names of the four nights because i don't know them of the top of my head i like the fortnight skin that i have the one four nights skin that i have the jungle scouts although i do like the visitor i'm very partial visitors cool the raven is pretty cool the john wick is okay but yet in terms of looks i'd say the raven has the best outlook i mean pretty much on the fortnight skins are pretty pretty ethical king the generic ones but the the really special ones are they you can tell that some thought up until him all righty who do you think is the next to get a future endeavors message oh i don't think anybody's gonna get one for a while i remem less somebody drastically screws up i mean even then they get the future never yeah yeah you know it's about situation when they don't even wish you well in your future endeavors zachary because i don't think he's going to give it a name it hasn't gotten him yeah well with the new deals they don't have to get rid of anyone anytime soon especially 'til after all in ones all ends over then make people honestly i feel like the next person to leave is probably closer but that's not going to be a future endeavor that's just be contracts but this still wish well sex next we have how long until someone throws leo rush through a table just on principle sino he's drives me super annoying and i'd like to throw him through a table i'm pretty sure he already got thrown through a table and under a bus there awhile ago but i would imagine it would be soon maybe twenty six days so teen hours of five minutes and three seconds that's the civic hey they want specific i'm gonna give specific if animals could talk which animal would be subaru caps and eat any variation of cab dot cup would be rude cast would be like really rude but it would be like that's our cast rude where it's like they they love you so they're going to be an asshole to you that that would be a cat dog would be point dogs will be polite but off topic but on topic the super secret life of pets is awesome moving yet is super cute assign colors braun strowman roman reigns suffragans embrace wyatt could save from rains pure gray but transparent but works too can.

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