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In. I think if you don't really while you watch KC season of big brother. I don't know why you would think should be some great athlete or anything like that so I think the people would be looking at Fussy more for that. I think has a very athletic build. And then her sort of archetype rate comes out of the Evelyn and the Laurel and the Nicole just like this fit woman like not like to me. Nominees not going against Casey Jenner. DoesN'T WANNA Call Out Casey? But but we'll see I she strikes me as a very physical looking woman but Yeah I don't know like personality wise. I don't think she'll add a lot. I think in terms of where she was at with big brother for anyone who didn't watch brothers. She was in like the very tight. Six Person Alliance that made it all the way to the end. Her game is sort of her brand loyalty and all those boring things. She's athletic and she's loyal and she can stick with a big group to the end so kind of a yawn. We'll see how the challenge house like shakes. Her up are just was on his way over to Kaitlin Herman's and it's amazing how much she looks like Jessica from Lewis Line. That I can't like unsee it anymore. It's wild crazy and they're like the same personality to the person is like ten years old is like a feature all right so let's get out of the negative or well. I guess maybe that covers my surprise to see too. I don't know that was a whole whirlwind. So let's not go too far within the rules. Let's go to. We'll move to euro six. I just say this. This'll be a little bit surprising having given. I haven't been that Nice there in the past but like I'm excited to have an ISA back. I think you know she's been off a little while. I think those are the whole new crop La Young women in his. I think having like an old veteran and then to try to like she's GonNa have a veteran quips and somebody that I haven't heard in the mix with this group could be fun. So I kinda like this little throwback of having her back I know I never remember anything but I do recall debating you on whether or not an Isa added anything to the challenge. I think this is like the perfect. Another perfect example of if you go away for a few seasons no matter who you are outside of like you know if you're actually prices people will miss you and be happy that you're back so. I think it's fun so this is interesting. I had her surprise to see. I am surprised to see her back. Oh she was pursuing another degree or a higher education. Some sort maybe. She finished up in his back. I'm not sure where she sort of. Is that other nieces. Kind of good at letting us know where she's nauseous. I'm sure we will find out it's an ISA's thirteenth challenge. It's really blew me away. That's same a number of challenges as West I would have been higher historically in our podcast on an ISA. I'm sort of like did an ISA miss the boat. I would be very happy. Elated for you to be right on this and heard really add a veteran whippy perspective. Like Jemmy in these Sorolla. I would be thrilled for that. I hope that's true. That's not my expectation going in. I think it's fun. The have someone like car as opposed to a lot of these like Like I know she's back like Melissa. That's really only there for like drama. And are they having heard? There is like a balance I think is fun. I don't know where she's GonNa find n roads with this group. I also don't know that while she is powerhouse and eliminations. I think she's someone that's going to continue to be a target. If it is the case that people get some say and like people arrange okay. I want to go against someone weaker earlier on so that I can Kashmiri tickets to the final. Let's throw Noni up in here. I don't know where you had her. I had heard my everyone else. Category A hatter not excited to see but then when you described her hooking up with Asaf and I was like. This is what we need then. I got excited to see her because I like it. Feels right having her in this world doing exactly what she's every season since she's been on the show doesn't change. She's every time I have to change. I had to be better than who I've been every season. She comes on and she was actually in person disrespect that I am happy that our life. So yeah they're dropped. The nominee is just like non as a true veteran of the game. Noni has never won. Correct Ninety is very close bananas but Schmultz Ruus and like we never really know who's gotten on his back. She hadn't made mainly drama. Leroy last season. He's not backed. We won't see that to who knows where NONI will fit in the season but the reason I bring her up with an ISA is because we got a question from Jordan Spencer between a niece. Noni who have yet to win. Okay confirm which one is more likely to ever win or make it to the yet. They both have what the other needs. Non is decent in the daily challenges but mediocre and eliminations while and nieces decent in the eliminations but mediocre the daily show. I would say nineties most likely to make it to the right. That was the only thing I can win or make the Noni because ninety I would say because she's been on more recently would at least have more people have her back that you could reach over like an ISA. I'm excited to see me so I'm not expecting her to be there much longer than a few weeks but I. I just usually have anyone on her side ninety. Will I think have some people in the mix productive? Yeah I think Noni I agree with that. Take I think nominees most likely to make it to the n? On a normal season. I think maybe and Lisa's more likely in this elimination like I think noni could very easily get knocked out in an elimination or would be someone who would be a target also in eliminations in this format depending on how it works out but Nani does have more protectors she also is more willing to mix it up but I think we even saw that on last season like Noni will mix it up with the new people to you and play ball there and for some reason. I don't think like bananas. We'll get mad at her for doing that. So I think she'll get protection from both sides in a way which I think is makes her stronger over niece overall. I are you making paper over there. What's going on?.

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