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Geoffrey Berman stepping down from his position in new York's Southern District AG Barr made the announcement saying that president trump had removed the top federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman after he refused to step down last night Barbara claimed yesterday Berman was stepping down and the president was nominating Jay Clayton the chairman of the SEC as his successor Clayton although a lawyer has never served as a prosecutor and Berman hours later said he only learned of the situation in a press release and had not resigned and did not intend to boxes Jacqui Heinrich trump told reporters the decision was up to the Attorney General the U. S. military academy is being asked by some members of Congress to rename its building honoring Confederate officers the letter sent by congressman Sean Patrick Maloney whose district includes west point is cosigned by twenty one other members of Congress it states that there shouldn't be facilities at west point name for quote certain Americans who engaged in armed rebellion against the United States in support of racism and slavery examples weren't given but west point has a cadet barracks and the gate name for Robert E. Lee a Confederate general who is one of the academy's most famous graduates and also served as the academy superintendent the letter was sent to defense secretary mark esper and secretary of the army Ryan McCarthy earlier this month the marine corps band the Confederate battle flag from its installations in New York Tonya Jack powers fox news morale as well with the Atlanta police department in the wake of the shooting death of ray short Brooks there's concern about whether or not these charges came too quickly from the district attorney Paul Howard without be fooled to due process investigation completed the district attorney said it could be several months before charges are brought to a grand jury boxes Brian Yenice in the latter one of the officers facing charges of felony murder and ten.

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