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Look very strong finish to the season ended up at number four fantasy wise over four thousand yards twenty six touchdowns the fine. Fifty one on the ground in five touchdowns on the ground made him the third most consistent quarterback. What's about Watson is quarterback for on the on the year? That's fantastic number three inconsistency. That's what you wanted. But did you still get actual return on where you had to draft him? He was the second quarterback for for people. Who do not remember to Shawn Watson was being drafted behind? Aaron Rodgers is eighty p I'm looking on fantasy prose is ADP was thirty six you're giving up. No, you didn't turn. So you. That's what you didn't get thirty one percent of his is games. He was in the top three. You drafted him to be number two only thirty percents. At the time. He was in that range any sprinkled in games at killed you week one eleven points week six five points week seven ten points week eleven nine points single digit type games. So was it look it wasn't the wheels falling off. This was nice, right? I mean, you didn't have to Shawn Watson go from you know, three or four game wonder to complete disaster. Right Sach, sixty two times this year. That's the most since two thousand and six I was going to keep happening unless he changes his game. I just holds the ball. And he tries to make something happen longer and longer. Yeah. This season seems to me to be what you could expect going forward. We talked about to Shawn Watson as a don't buy based on his ADP last year, and you know, a regression alert, and he certainly did regrets. I mean, if if you look at his per game basis last season in that small sample he was outlaying as he was Pat Mahomes. Good. And and you didn't get that this year. I know you know, in in my lease at Assam Watson own. Irs? Lot of lot of those leagues did not make the playoffs. Even though he was the number four quarterback. But this you still had the baseline, right? Five hundred and fifty plus rushing yards rushing touchdowns. The the reason why he is the number to three consistent rated quarterback is because the Russian baseline. But now, let's say he duplicates what he's gonna do this year next year, which I think is very realistic. Where should that? Where should you land in a draft to take a guy who did what did Sean bullet? Yeah. Yeah. I get your question. Who'd you take ahead of them. I mean, you're taking Mahomes ahead of him. Would you take Big Ben who we just talked about ahead of him? If is there don't need to. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing taking on a head of them. No because you wouldn't need to. I mean Big Ben will be late. I air Rogers who would you rather have? Yeah. That's what I'm asking. I would I would rather have Mahomes. I'd rather have Matt Ryan wherever he's drafted block. I'd rather have look Rogers. Definitely Russell Wilson. Yes. Breeze. Yes. So Philip rivers you'd rather have breeze. I don't Watson. I don't think. I'd rather have bringing we. No, no, no to fisticuffs all off, no breeze. No breeze. No. I would not I take I take you back sees no not breeze. But everybody else Russell Wilson. I would I mean. So the point is I think that dishonor Watson is someone that should be in the eighth or ninth round. I don't I don't see him as someone that needs to be in the top five rounds. One of the things. That's really nice about. Shawn Watson is you have that pairing with a top three white out. You know, we I it's kind of Big Ben, you don't know of Brown's coming back. You know Hopkins is going to be there that gives him kind of an impressive. Baseline with that kind of talent. And they've had they had struggles all your lawn keeping a second wide receiver healthy. Where's the Mary Thomas at this point? I mean, KiKi QT banged up hurt. He looks like a great player when he fuller will fuller. Lots in a I think he's warning. I like Watson more than a lot of the guys you were saying you do not..

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