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It's here and now Pennsylvania is a crucial battleground state another Blue Wall ST that Donald Trump won in 2016, and that Joe Biden hopes to win this year. It will take some time to count all the ballots cast in Pennsylvania and to know which candidate will actually win the 20 electoral college votes. Joining us now is W reporter Lucy Perkins. She's at the Allegheny County Elections Warehouse. Lucie welcome. Thank you. So there is a legal fight over mail in ballots in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Republicans tried to block the counting of late arriving ballots. But the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that ballots that arrived by Friday and are postmarked by November, 3rd can be counted. So what's the timeline for getting the final vote count in Pennsylvania? That is what everybody is wondering right now. So you know right now, what's happening is that Allegheny County and a lot of counties are still tallying mail in ballots there about a million left to count in Pennsylvania. These are ballots that obviously were received before eight PM deadline on Election Day, But counties have been asked to set any ballots aside that they've received today or tomorrow or Friday. Up until that five PM deadline. I know that here In the Pittsburgh area. They received 500 ballots in the mail today that they'll be adding to that count. So we are tallying those and then you know, there are other ballots in Allegheny County that we can't even begin to start tallying until Friday, like provisional ballots, so people who had Problems with their mail in ballots or, you know, never got their Millon dollars or something like that. They could go to the polls and vote provisionally. So those those numbers we don't even know yet how many how many ballots, provisional ballots where were were cast so You know, it's going to be a days It's gonna be days. Yeah, for sure. You know, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by just 44,000 votes in 2016 margin less than 1%. The Trump campaign is calling for a recount in Wisconsin. Should we expect a recount in Pennsylvania? I mean, of course, I'm asking you this question, Lucy, knowing that we still have so many ballots that have yet to be counted. But what would that look like? Well, you're right. It is very early to be asking that question. And, you know, we've talked to officials this morning and this afternoon who have kind of agreed with that, But it would be very early to even talk about that. Pennsylvania does allow for an automatic recount, if if it's less than 0.5% Point victory for one candidate or the other, But again, we won't even know that into all these ballots are counted. You know, we also are waiting for military and overseas ballots that have Until next Tuesday to get in. So you know, there are lots of deadlines that we're days away from reaching. Yeah, I mentioned you're you're at an election's warehouse. What's it like there today? And what's the mood? The state overall is everyone is just waiting and watching Pennsylvania. Yeah, I mean, in the lead up to the election, all the voters I talked to were anxious on both sides. You know, this was a swing state that was decided by 44,292 votes in 2016, and that's the number that's burned into a lot of people's brains here. So in the lead up people who are really anxious. They were hoping to see their candidate win big so that it didn't come down to Pennsylvania. But obviously it might, and that's kind of the same feeling that that we're seeing in the warehouse, you know. There's been some issues with scanners jamming ballots that were, you know, folded for a long period of time, have Really sharp creases in them because voters were nervous and they got their ballots back sooner. But that meant they were sitting in envelopes for longer and it takes more work to flatten them and scan them so they're more jams, and that's forced officials to upload ballots in smaller batches. So it's really just a waiting game right now, and there's there's anxiety, but we're just sitting Yeah, a lot of pressure as well because the president has spoken about Pennsylvania and the potential for voter fraud. He's really putting that out there. Yes, on DH. That's obviously nothing new from from the president's rhetoric, but I spoke with one of the members of the Allegheny County Boards of Board of Elections is a Republican, he said. You know, he's been surveilling and supervising Thie election account here at the warehouse that I've been at for much of the last day and He has no reason to believe that there's been any fraud. He says that Allegheny County at least is pulling off the best processing job of these these ballots of any county in the state, and he Expect anything coming down the pike in the future to be done in the same manner. That's a W A s a reporter Lucy Perkins joining us from the Allegheny County Elections Warehouse. Lucy Thank you so much. Thank you. And let's go back to Wisconsin in Joe Biden's calm now, although the Trump campaign is calling for a recount, as we've said Earlier in the day, Election Commission Administrator Megan Wolf said with all unofficial results, but one small township in Joe Biden was in the lead by a little more than 21,000 votes. President Trump's campaign manager is claiming reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties and is requesting a recount. But former Republican Governor Scott Walker tweeted that Biden's tally might be too high. A hurdle for President Trump to overcome very burden is director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Barry. First of all we heard just a bit ago on the program that the reason that small township hasn't delivered the ballots is that someone went home sick, which is kind of sweet in a way, you know, that's really You know real boots on the ground politics, nobody could figure out again and get them. But what about the Trump campaign's allegations of regularities poll workers improperly Correcting or curing ballots. What is that? It's hard to know exactly what is meant by that. At this point. It's really just in early assertion, and I think we'll have to be followed up by details in litigation. On and the initial complaint that the campaign or its allies might file There've been a lot of absentee ballots, of course cast in Wisconsin, as there have been in so many states this year. A new process for a lot of voters and I think has really taxed the capacities of election officials. I'm not aware of any irregularities, but it will be incumbent on the trump folks to point those out and identify them. And what does that mean to cure a ballot? Well, there are cases in every state but also in Wisconsin, where a ballot is missing something when it's returned to the election official, it may be missing the signature of the voter on the outside of the sort of certificate envelope. It may be missing the signature of a witness, which is required in Wisconsin. Or maybe even more Commonly, The address of the witness must be written on the envelope. And so it's there's a There's an opportunity for clerks if they have time before the election to reach out to those voters to try to correct those problems, and sometimes the ballots are mailed back to the voter. Secure them. Sometimes the voters invited to come into the office to add a signature provides some other information. So apparently, the Trump campaign is focused on some aspect of that curing process, particularly in Milwaukee, where there were the largest number of absentee ballots. But we don't know exactly just yet what their concern is. Well, your election Commission administrator, Megan Wolf is bristling at the notion that people were doing anything improper. So we'll see how that plays out. But how does it play out? I mean, if there is a recount How does that work? We all think of hanging chads. You know, in Florida, the little piece of paper that you know, people weren't sure if it was a punched through vote or just a thing hanging there. What? What does the recount look like? If it is to happen in your state? Well, nearly every voter in the state uses an optical scan ballot. So this looks like a scantron test. You may be familiar with filling in a bubble for a candidate that's then fed into a machine that optically reads the valid That means there's a paper record that can be reviewed Eat..

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