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Glad you weren't there. I heard you sing enough today already. So sing singing the blues. Over and over best song ever. Mm hmm. They play for awhile way didn't make a prediction on Clemson, but we did spank him. Just let it Wow. I can't believe it and thought about what he hates. Okay. Forget the Ray Ray. What do you Hayes? Never when he punched Clemson player? Yeah. My dad taught me all about that. I cried. I was 10 years old. When that happened. 20 Hayes was in rainy grab. Sure my heroes, the little guy. And my dad goes his career's under sun, because because these kids are getting worse. That's where the disrespect started, then spree well, grab his coach a few years ago. Granite. The guy intercepted the ball and he was running his mouth. But you didn't do that stuff back then, when he came with that football and shoved it in what he's facing what he throat punched him, which was awesome. I'd have done the same thing but cost what he hates his career on. Never forget it and Just don't disrespect this so bad nowadays, 10 years before that's why would he hitting Because you don't get the Woody Hayes? You don't disrespect the president. If Joe Biden gets in there, I still have to respect the man he's still present. I think he's an 80. And I think he's sleepy Joe and all that. But you know what? He's still the president of states. Jimmy Carter was the horror most horrible president history as far as I've been on planet And my dad would not let us talk about him because you don't disrespect the president, United States and that's and I wish we'd bring some respect back. But with that being said, it's good to Ray Ray. Wait on railway fans outdoors, the man Well, I'm just kind of sitting here waiting waiting on this and listening to you Talk there for a few minutes, But you're right. Alright. You know what his career would've kept right on going in and I punched that kid. And you know what? That guy person? I read something about that that that guy to this day regrets and he can't his friends still bring it up to him and If people rise who he is they still ridiculing for picking on Woody. Yeah, but you know, And I would tell you, though, that With the position of that Woody Hayes has or I have her. You have comes a little more responsibility to be the bigger person, you know, But then I think that's That's the That's the lesson in all this. It gets bigger and bigger as social time. I know you try, but it just shows you the disrespect. I mean, he probably to get recruited by what he was probably better, and it's a chance to get in his face. And you know you got throw a punch. Sorry about your luck once again figure first time you'll never go wrong in life. You're right. Right? What's going on, Brother? Tell me something good. Well, you know, it's a new year and hopefully hopefully 2020 and all that mess is behind us. And we get on with life is normal. You know, our our new flyer came out and starts today. We've got a lot of stuff in there that Z Good. The new new crossbows from 10 Point came in was over looking at those this morning. We got some neat stuff coming in. We got plenty of firearms in stock yet to sell. I get two or three pallets of those in Thursday before we went home and they're out ready to go. We got ammunition. We got nine millimeter. We got 22. We've got a lot of stuff. You know people are Bummed out because they think everybody's out of everything, and we're not. We're out of a lot of things were out of some things, but we're not out of everything. We still got a lot of great stuff, and then you throw onto that end of the year. Clarence, we've got You know, 60% off some clothing and 30% off, others and camouflage is 25% off, so there's a lot of good ways. Save some money. Spend that stimulus check you're about to get and get you a quality products with some substantial savings. Get a nice gun for 16 bucks already. A heck of a nine millimeter, right? Well, the animal pricing now, maybe 1.5 boxes. Yeah, right. Talk about that. Let's let's talk about the big elephant in the corner, but keeps asked me saying But there are still Amell out there. That's affordable, plentiful and if you're going to talk to one of buying a firearm right now, which gun would you recommend? Where they get affordable am of for it and plentiful? Well, here's what I would tell you. You know this is this is a temporary situation. We've said this all along. We're starting to see some more ammo flow and we're starting to see a little bit of a little bit more product coming in. Is the crisis over the shortages over probably not for a few months yet, but but I would tell you that down the road Don't make your decision based on panic. Go back to what you looked at 678 months ago if you were looking at a nine millimeter by that nine millimeter if you were looking at a 40 caliber By that 40 counter. Don't come in and buy something you don't want just because there's a box of ammunition on the show for it, But that's why the right gun for you. Our sales staff is going to help you with that. But if you can't get an A for 40, I can personally tell that big of a difference between the two firearms so Once again that goes to educating yourself, and that's where our staff is here to Dok Go. So if you come in You know, we can talk to you intelligently about the calibers and the stopping power and the purpose of the firearm, whether its target gun self defense concealed carry. Our staff is very, very well trained and very knowledgeable, so we can educate you on Your questions that you're gonna have whether that nine millimeter is as good as the 40 of nines as good as the 3 80 or the 22 works for the 4 10 shotgun shells different than the 12 gauge in twenties so we can we can educate your people. Your folks on all of that. You just have to come in, Be patient have a little bit of time to spend because their sales staff once you get to the salesman is gonna take all the time he needs or she needs. Get you taken care of, and make sure that you understand what you're buying. I know how to operate it and and know what it's for. Ray. I got a question for him. There's a little outside the box here, but there's a scenario that I'm in and I'm sure I'm not on an island here. There's other people, um Bought a house recently. My driver's license has my old address on it. I want to come in and buy a weapon. We need to do a background check my residence and my license. Don't match up. How does that affect us? And what we do? Good question. Hmm. Well, you're at your there's alternate forms of identification, so as long as your driver's license valid We can use alternate forms of identification to verify that your address is correct. So you know if you gotta attack statement that shows your your current address. Hunting license. Government issued documents are best but if chose your current address, and you come in and you put your current address down. There are acceptable forms that we can use a hunting license works. So you know by hunting license arranged, passed by range past as long as you have a state issued document or government issued documents shows your current address. Address on your driver's license. Doesn't have to match but you do have to have a form of identification. That does so well store. We can tell you which ones were acceptable. There's a pretty long list. All right, Ray, give me all locations, Brother. All right, So we've got the Original location upon Cleveland Avenue right here in Columbus. We've got our Hebrew location on by Buckeye Lake, which sells marine equipment and boats, and as good for servicing them as well..

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