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You want me to go first? Well, sure. No, I think that what what makes me feel despair is just how loss it feels like parts of our government feel to me. And what makes me feel hopeful is that I know that it won't last forever. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think for me, the despair and the the hope coming the exact same place, right? Like, I keep hearing all over the place. Like, oh my God. What's going on right now? You know, everybody's suddenly so racists. Everybody's so go homophobic, and everybody's so and okay. But like everyone's all the people have always been like that. It's just it's just that. Now, we can see it right and people are talking about. Now, it's at the surface. So like when you ask people who are actually have been affected by racism their whole life. When you ask people of color. They're not super surprised right now. Right. They're like, okay. So thanks. You just got to the party. Right. So so that's why I think the despair in the hope or in the exact same place like we can about this all the time because we give like destruction when she scared of it or too scared of apocalypse like who wants things to stay the same. Not me. You know, you know, we get so scared of the ends of the world, you know, as women the first the first story I ever learned about God. Okay. And being a woman was okay. So everything was great. And God put you to people in a in a in a garden, and no, no, I of one person that guarded that was Adam and then he gave birth to eve. Okay. So we're supposed to take that one on the chin. I right. Okay. All right. So men give birth to women. Okay. It's not what I've seen in my life. But got it. Okay. And then everything was fine until the woman wanted something. And then she went for it. And then all hell broke loose and everything was terrible forever. Thank you for joining us. Go in peace. And then we're like why are women so confused about what they want and food. You know, I don't know. She's won an apple what if she wanted to forgive pizza like this and. What I think about over and over again is you know, what that story does what every story. We learn about being a woman does is make us start to fear. What we desire? Okay. Women have to fear what we desire. What women want is bad? What women want is scary? Which makes us doubt ourselves over and over again what we want. We don't know what we want. We don't even know where we want to go to dinner. Who knows we don't know. Okay. But what I find. Talking to women all over the world. Is that what women want is? So good. That if women started to go for it power structures would tumble right? Sue, doesn't it make sense that every single power structure would have to make women doubt what they desire because if women went for the what they desired. The world would crumble and other worlds based on equality injustice in love and peace would have to be rebuilt in their place. Right. So what I want women to do is just cool for the apple and let it burn. Glennon Doyle, and Abby Wambach, thank you so much. Thank you for having. Glennon Doyle is creator of the online community, mama Sterry and founder and president of together.

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