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Our next stop is anywhere is our next stop is Hewitt and Wvu doesn't have an English name Plu wet and blue translates to. There is more in you. I don't think there is though about cast their share the court rotten teeth. What we literally no. That's not true because she's tried to reach out twice now you know she doesn't do it though and you know what they say. Third Time's The charm. No she she literally destroyed her best friend's house so there's no. Hey I mean you go to your best friends house. You have a wild party. You Destroy Entire Town. She wanted to do. Some redecorating was overdue and the townspeople. We all know. Do not like rebuilt just give it is redecorated through destruction. I just I just thought of another scene from the episode when the ladies telling her like you think these are flowers Biz. Flaws do now. It was the the handmade in the replacement handmade in his funny. I wish we'd seen more of her weight out. What happened her own. Worst cast killer. She go although I guess. I wonder why she came back to the castle out what was happening. What happened to her? I'm sure cast just hazards safely out of the way somewhere buried ten feet under even thought about that either. She went back did she. Maybe she wasn't from the count. Maybe she went back to the farm or something. Maybe just caught and was like. Hey you're not good at this. You WanNa you WanNa like you want me to take over for you in the goes like yes. Please soclean bossed around by Old Lady crowd. So Plymouth envy the plot is Rapunzel and her friends must take krona. Back from Cassandra and finally confront the Evil Zone. Teary ooh that but the sleepless agenda tie. The short is wife No. They deserve each other though funny. If they came riding into the carriage together shorty was like wearing a little evil crown. Probably be like I'll come to your side if you give me cheese or something dumb like that. That's not dumb. He's hungry your money. All their food stores like two days after that artist started the journey. He's clearly is a jerk. He's he's hungry. Pub Thug called them. The pub thugs in this episode. Was funny all right. Well that was the last time we'll get to say until next stop. Is that anywhere actually? It's not because we're gonNA let like I said this is not the end We'll be doing some more episodes about tangled. And maybe some interviews. You never know head teaser. Teaser HINT HINT. But next week we will be back for the series finale. The I think it's like sixty six minutes or something some at Super Long. It's three episodes long so yeah like basically episodes immigrants victims of crime so much. I need us back here for the final episode. We're GONNA shed some tears. We've got a hope finally deal. Casado once and for all saying that time. So that chair. You can continue the conversation with us in the meantime on twitter at Corona. Podcast WE I now on stitcher and if I were to listen to us there and you're probably ardor the interest somewhere else if he's listening to this down but she know any friends who you stitcher exclusively were now on stitcher. I love how announcing that we're now on a new platform one episode from the special. And we're also just concluded our first one episode from the Email conversations at Jim Dot com and leave acid nice review on itunes? You can be the first person to review us in twenty twenty bragging rights. Oh that's true Taco Tuesday. Was it dead? School Moods may drew. Yeah they have a lot of lives really the only thing I see you like Tacos. I don't see any like enchiladas or I guess he should is..

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