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Hello and welcome to the arms show. This is called brumwell filling in for conrad thompson this week. And i am humbled to be joined by the legend arn anderson. Aren't how are you this week. Well i'm a little disturbed here in the u just came off the beach and now conrad's on the beach. I'm supposed to be the beach bomb in this crew. What's going on here. I'm telling you what man well neither of us were in. Pensacola your favorite beach. But you're right. I just came off of myrtle beach. Conrad is now down. I guess with rick his father-in-law on the family enjoying a little bit of time and but that's good for him man. The guy is busier than i don't. I don't know what so he asked. If i could jump in help out and and so here i am buddy. Well we're both wrestling fans and that's what we have in common. We can talk about dismantling. which is. I'm surprised there's not in black and white but should be funded. I look forward to it. Sir yeah no absolutely. We're going to continue on the journey. That you conrad are on and that is walking through the star of your career man. I'm caught up on these episodes aren't it has been fantastic to listen to how the life of martin lundy has evolved to arn anderson moving into wrestling now coming over to mid atlantic wrestling. And we're going to watch episode today together. We hope all of you can watch it with us. It is from posted on youtube by. Nwea worldwide for three march. Ninth nineteen eighty-five the person that posted it as oh w wc space tv and if you search nwea worldwide three nine eighty five. You're gonna find the exact video. It goes forty seven minutes and three seconds. Aren't we're going to watch it together. You excited about this. Absolutely and i haven't seen this you know and i don't know how long so it's gonna be exciting. It's like watching it for the first time and let's just see what we see. Sounds good sir. I'm looking forward to it and Man this was for me. This was the height of my wrestling. Fandom i guess i would say hi. I was being introduced wrestling. I was six years old. And i remember living outside of a suburban philadelphia on saturday afternoons worldwide wrestling. In that music. Which i'm gonna play a little bit. Just hit like none other. This was in the real wrestling. Came on the stuff that i thought was real at least and so. Let's go ahead and get started. Hopefully if you're watching it with us today you're at the right spot and we're gonna do a countdown on and you and i are going to hit the play button when i say. Play our eight so here we go the countdown three to one play and we opened up to a crowd shot and it's quickly going to transfer and to some of my favorite wrestling theme music. Aren't i gotta play it A man that is all the fields for me. Money brings back some memories for me to my friend So listen the show opens with tony. Shivani and johnny weaver and we all know about tony but arm. What did you know johnny weaver. And do you have any fun stories as we start the show here it was just a guy that was just. He was a veteran and had his career under his belt and had a great career and was very popular in the carolinas. You know he was one of those faces the you saw. Hey this home team and what a nice manny was really was Along with penny weaver. Who is his ex wife and really nice lady to johnny. Weaver was was like the face of this show. At that time. Yeah we got crusher khruschev berry berry. So who would then be smash. He's taking on mark. Fleming in this one the coal officer at ringside and these are these three here. The nwea world six man tag champions at the time you would get involved more with six tags later on in your jim crockett premier. Jim crockett promotions. Run here but what are some of the pros and cons of working a six man tag. Compared to a normal tag it gives you a chance to to have the opportunity that other than one guy sitting on the floor and not getting that experience and stay in the loop to all guys being involved in the match and you can never get enough reps. Get enough match time. You know when you're out in our industry Even though we were working in those days every single day still the tv exposure you know was incredible and It was just a different different scenario. Six-man tags aren't. I don't know if i mentioned enough top at this is one of the first. Tv matches that you're going to be on on this card as we watched the show. You're taking on sam. Houston here you. And i were talking beforehand. This wasn't your first televised match. But one of the one of one of the first few For sure here of eighty-five yeah. It could have been second debuted and broke kids arm and manny fernandez. Kinda got into my business. And i had to give him. What's what's four. And i left him lay on and i was. You know pretty good launch for tv in those days have come out and have that kind of impact so this is probably week to add to not know sam. Houston never met him. But i found out pretty quickly. He's he's pretty season hand at this point already. She experienced the tremendous performer. A.

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