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Really feel her absence in two thousand and two you on the eve of Jane's retirement from the Church. I invited her to come on the Diane Rehm show. We talked about art friendship how it had sustained us through the ups and downs and about how our relationship to each other changed changed over the decades. Good morning my dear Jane so good to have you. Good morning my dear Diana I and it's wonderful to be here. You know combining we should say poor thing. You've got a cold and you're sounding not quite your a full voice but you're gonNA be fine right. I'm going to be fine. I may not sound. Quite as southern. is annoying combining a discussion about career career and friendship. Seems such a natural thing for you and me to do since we both began our careers at about the same time as I recall we had both taken feminism. One Oh one at Gw. Well well. I took the course Because you recommended it you preceded me in that Expanding New Horizons for women I believe is the actual name of the course. You took it and say to me. This is something that's important in so I did. And both of us had been homemakers for a number of years. The friendship actually began again at Saint Patrick's church here in Washington. Where as homemakers mothers we really got involved in? They activity the church and you were teaching Sunday school. That's correct and Being at Saint Patrick's church here in Washington in the diocese of Washington was really life. Transforming for me Making Friends of a lifetime. You're being one of my closest dearest friends As well as expanding my understanding of the Gospel and what ministry is really all about you know I so will remember the day you you call me on the telephone and you said Ms Dream. I'm I'm sort of embarrassed to say this but here's what I really really want to do with my life. I want to become a priest. I'll never forget that. What do you think it Wa- that called you to the priesthood? In the Episcopal Church we say in our nation vows that we believe God in the Church or calling. I I hope and pray that God has called me to this ministry. That has been so incredible but the church clearly did that in terms of being confronted by a a woman who has long been a mentor of mine about the priesthood in going through what we called the process where lay folk clergy and finally the Bishop says. Yes we believe you have a call to the bishop. I mean to the priesthood. So I think that it was a combination of the church and I pray God and for me. The church is made up of human beings correspond when you were ordained to the priesthood. There were very very few women accompanying accompanying you. How many women were Virginia? Then in my class when I entered in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven out of a class asa forty there were ten of us so it was fourth so it was more we were not all on the ordination track at that and now women make up at least half of the class. Isn't that wonderful. It's remarkable but there were real hurdle to be overcome the hurdle that has been the the one that really sort of the impacted. My life was finding my first call. Bishop to Ordain Me John Wall. Johnny lay the sixth bishop of Washington. We're going to ordain me to the deactivated. In June of Nineteen eighty-one. His policy was that he didn't ordain you unless you had what we called a cure. You're which was a position within the church that paid a stipend I had. I can't remember what was sixteen or eighteen job Bob interviews to find that I call that hurdle was enormous and was their openness into the idea of taking a woman in to a church then the church is in the DIS is Washington which I would like to say the District of Columbia Cambian four counties in Maryland Montgomery Prince. George Charleston Saint Mary's the churches in Washington in nineteen eighty. One that we're going to consider a woman had you pretty well fill those assistant positions And so I went to the diocese of Virginia which was a little later in taking women. There was no oh what we call upward movement. Women were taken to take his assistance but they were not call to being erector with the head pastor and congregation they had DP assistance. Well and in since Hemingway's provided a good training program for you provided five. Did you had a good person to work with. Who was willing to take you and teach you and help you? There's no question in about that I had three years with Who is now? The Suffragan Bishop Virginia The Right Reverend David Jones at the Church of the Good Shepherd a very large parish Arish in suburban Virginia and then I came to Washington to spend two years with The Reverend Frank Wait. The rector of St Alban's church. I had five years as an associate. That was very important for me as you said to help me learn To Be Deacon to be a priest and how to lead congregation and then you did finally get get your own congregation. Saint Philip's in Laurel correct in Nineteen eighty-six. And how long were you there. Six Years Whale then came this extraordinary day on which you were elected suffragan bishop that has Washington. This was nineteen eighteen ninety two and there were those of us your friends your supporters who were up in the balcony that day absolutely out of our minds behinds cheering so loudly for our dear friend. Jane Dickson won't was their day like for you. What I remember most about that day? is a fact that I'd Isis. A group of people a dioceses people people who knew me clergy and lay. We're willing to call me to this. Incredible work People that I have the privilege of working with and then as you say to see the people who were dear to my life The five women Four of you up in that balcony. With whom we started Saint Patrick's it'd be surrounded by my family My husband and my three children My daughter-in-law had one daughter in law at the time It was it was sort of like pinching myself. I self to believe that it really happened. that the Church would take that kind of a risk because it seems much more the norm now and and but in one thousand nine hundred ninety two it was not and you became the sick and woman bishop. In this country the third in the whole Anglican Church out of how many bishops in this country in this country they're probably about Two hundred and sixty bishops and there you were the second one extraordinary and then with the retirement retirement at Bishop Brunel Hanes US stepped into the leadership role of bishop pro temporary. You've had quite a year and Dealing with a number of extremely important issues. What do you see as your most important and accomplishment? People have asked me that a lot in the last few months Diane and I so I think about it a lot. I can't single out one one most important accomplishment if you'll let me talk about a few good obviously I had the privilege to guard the faith unity and discipline this plant the church when I was consecrated a bishop on November the nineteenth in ninety two. I know I really didn't understand what that meant that that would be part of my vow now and I certainly didn't seek out an opportunity to do it but it presented itself to me and so I had that I had that privilege of defending I and protecting the church. How a congregation in this diocese decide to call a priest who was not willing to give me the guarantees that he would indeed live in to his ordination vows and to live by the canons of the church? The only analogy. I can really say about what it means to be. A priest priest in the episcopal church's if one has ever been in the military where in the military one voluntarily if one is not drafted gives ups a great yellow ones autonomy ought to the constitution one superiors when one is ordained to the Senate and the priesthood in the episcopal church. You Promise to obey your bishop. The man that was called would not give me that guarantee the other part of that that was very important to understand their two hundred fifty priest. East in the dice is Washington. Who economically resident those two hundred and fifty men and women live by their ordination? Vows don't always agree with the bishop none of us never have. I had disagreements with both Bishop. Walker Bishop Haynes fact was taken avow and the priest. Do that in this diocese. So I I couldn't have one set of rules for man who would not guarantee that he would live pie the the promise And a quick break when we return or two thousand two interview with my dearest friend. Jane Home uh-huh sticks.

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