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A Wonder why Leila ransom ever bought property over here on Third Street I was born right on this street commission. Some of the best fighters in town come out of this neighborhood, the best fighters. Who Chased Your Leroy? Kid named Armstrong pug on strong folk on couldn't have been must have been his son Oh pugs with the fire department. I see. We'll soon take care this. They can't steal diamond after all I've put into this. Yeah, I got five Bucks Cinema South. You'll get your boys, Leroy. We're taking. WHO's lear this game all it. Did you say Mr but the idea you taking over this life? What's your name while it's strong, but look just the boy I wanNA talk to. What's the idea chasing these boys off this lot Armstrong. Hey, you ain't pug on center. You yeah, that's right. Now where is old pug any now? Floyd is coming up right behind you. Leonard Trump here how they done. Need occupy. Monson I cut? You have many time Oh. Sure. I didn't recognize you out of the barbershop. WHO's your talkie friend? What's your travel, laughing boy? L. C. MR Armstrong I'm the Commissioner Throckmorton P water commissioner. I mean guiltlessly. I bought a lot of work lineup. This diamond for our boys mayors. Pug The commission on a great job. And your boys don't have a right to chase my boys off a lot. Yeah, we've been playing ball of time here way before. It was ever fixed up. Yeah, well, it belongs to our boys club now you understand Mr Armstrong. If you're covers taking over the property I guess that's it. It's a pretty lousy thing to do. We have to keep our boys off the streets. Sure so your kids take the diamond and what happens two hours. They have to go play the streets. Your Hey, maybe pugs got something there instead of Leroy's gang, just choosing up sides. Why don't the two teams play each other well? What's wrong with that? Have a real game that'll keep kids off the street. Well, that's a good idea, but I was just getting around to it. Floyd let me pick these things. WHO's in here anyway? Sorry Commission now pug Mr Armstrong. Here's what we may commission. Look the pave. Soon gender so you did decide out after o'hare more I thought about it anymore. I didn't want to miss the game. Good does the eve I closed up to. Completely close I mrs peavy standing you're. Great. You're just in time. Don't buy TV wimmer. Well the mayor. Get a Lotta him. And this and everything and look goes whigham judge euchre good. Well Hello Mayor. Dong Man I hope. I'm not GonNa make the opening pitch. Owners to make glad you could make it already. You've got a nice job, he. S to gives us leave. I'm old. Proud and please do done a wonderful job is you're taking care of a lot more boys than I expected? I decided to expand the club quite suddenly. See I see you brought a. Great idea the newspapers always WANNA. Picture the first pitch you know. All right young relish. I'm here to get out there and the. Out there. Here's a new ball Mr Mayor. Gallons means injure behind all this. Why don't you stand up at the plate and hit the first ball when I bet you? Oh, thank you. If, you assure you want me in the photographs at ready. Now go to leave, it's. Pretty fast really well I'm on it. I if I, was you commit like you WANNA lose your job how? Matter Up. Able Viti. Play Politics Revenue Mayor. Throw that you gotta call it a strike you now. I wouldn't care. You're married. Oh. and..

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