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You know attributes and that's that's been an amazing thing to witness that's incredible and um it's very appropriately being used also by nbc during the olympics coverage you're dying over it added we can't believe that's having a an utterly life the closest thing they will ever get sports released yet overhead make my my my dad can be proud of me again with puts but it's um you know those moments that are always like paired of music hour iligan just makes it that much more like you know emotional and everything or something i don't know what i like and i don't think i don't really attributed to our music i feel like if you just put most any music just cut to freaking olympia yet just like conkary at falling on the ice and then moles and then doing a triple axel yet yet of what is obviously extra coal glad that we get to be part of that and it i mean all of this all the things that are happening with the song it's just i think the biggest thrill of for us is to watch those zapping to calaca she's in voice that is a voice as good as any this out there on pop radio in any genre music on broadway certainly in so it's a really cool story to look back at that video and that moment where she really did step up the first time and then going from that two people were watching olympics promoter hearing her voice that with a need store and it's really cool at assessment that you don't have to be famous you have to have the raw talent and you have to had the ambition and you have to you know be willing to put yourself out there into the spotlight and that's exactly what she did and in that moment that you can we listen in the video online the head of the major of a major motion picture studio says you know what because you have that town because you have those that that gutsy drive i'm i'm gonna give you that opportunity is show yourself to the world because you're willing to be seen.

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