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Craig Stewart share? We are reading so get your tickets. The show is. Very Channa doing Christmas L. Yeah. Out of ours and Christmas winter, and I left because she was taking forever everything we had to do with thirty five forty five minutes, and this is two days of filming. And we got like maybe six or seven different scenes we had to do and everyone she was late. And by the second time friend, see my SIS. That's the busy was late. Donald gray. With is with my time. Don't waste my time in my room. Why are we seeing her way in this field? I got shit to do the rupaul sit there. Yes, she did. So we feel depart seems to be there for why are we still could we gotta do this do this? I'm about to be about a here. And that's what happened whooped on her. Because when I went to go tell her to come back inside. So we can do two minutes of filming. I have a question before you can you fight. I have nine breakfasts. I am nine brothers. And I have a whole bunch of boy cousins, and I have two cousins who are very muscial aren't trained. Crips that your family have love I had cribbed have inbetween and I had a little bit everybody when I was young. So you so UT Debbie's train to go out. Take Tibo T. Take. You know, Yarmuth of that get a real quick because she has nap them in hurt my feelings because once I know you can you tell us what she save. We're nosy. Okay. I if you know. Hey. On break up, five minutes shoot way. No, you girls last time. She pop up I'll go out tonight that bitch. So, you know of cool at thank you like that bring it down. But she kept building. So I thought okay. Let me go over here in in choker real quick Salvin win over there. I had a count the five really gonna grab her. And that's my little Susan. I love I'll be Brian har- for forever. And I think that would hurt me more because I never miss, Shannon. That never had a problem. Let people trying to make us have a problem. We never had a problem with each other. And she just napped at me real bad. You know, hurt my feelings now, my feelings her no, we leave her. So, you know. Yeah, I'm ready. Now, here's the thing that I wanna ask I've always wanted to ask this not just to you to any of the girls that did have been contestants artistic Pated. Have you had issues with the white girls? What do you mean is she girl? No, a big issue. We'll have you had any of those lot. I did have you. 'cause Michelle to girl what was going on Christmas. Weather outline whether jolly doing that was the show in. Anyone? The Christmas agent all the Christmas tree that all it bluest world weather today. Yeah. Honesty was just in summertime. We aren't their banking. See what to do hikes and things. So and the truth is doing the splits. So let's we did split once every rehearsal. She she volunteered to do hiking became the treats was that they grow on this side. And should the big grow NASA?.

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