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Responsibility no i don't know i'm thinking hard i've done through the background checks i've learned how to shoot i go out to the range i've been to the police academy i i don't think i should have to be nice to my neighbors just because i don't want them to turn me in because i was frowned at him one day going to lead to some injust unjust seizing of someone's guns it somewhere along the line it has to because that's what happens to laws i just wonder if it is so such a slippery slope that we that we shouldn't pass the laws i'm not convinced of it but thank you for the call running i as of now i'm not yet convinced although i do i am standing with ronnie i'm worried about i would be worried about these laws but i think we would have to make sure that people like rani can go before a judge in a swift fashion and say i have done the tests i go to the range i've i've trained other people in gun safety i'm responsible citizen and i don't like my neighbors you know to give that testimony and get your guns back that's got to be in their zaken pittsburgh i pretty much agree with ronnie here here's the here's the problem now most states with pfa orders what's the state police can protect you from abuse varies the actual name be your basic restraining order yup they can already come and temporarily take your guns now i i'm a firm believer and have a constitutional rights taken away you need to be convict you have to have due process charged all all the other constitutional rights and be judged by a jury of your peers here's the judiciary's become completely politicized you know even here in rural pennsylvania aerob cost you at least thirty five thousand dollars what do you mean what are you gonna do i mean that's how much it costs to run if you're a judge elected in county right.

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