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Brendan iribe and that wall dji kyw news time twelve twenty two time for traffic and transit on the twos will live we're getting some improvement on the 300 nine expressway northbound now the accident scene approaching paper road they of cleared the car that was there that was really badly damaged the police have left they are still taking traffic off of the roadway at eastern road but it looks as though they may be getting ready to do a least getting people moving again we'll keep you posted romance will stay right here for that also still delays on the schuylkill expressway in both directions eastbound have you glad would have belmont then city to all the way down to university on the westbound side delays vary two south the boulevard out to gladwin then around the contra hawkin kerr martin luther king dr is close to the falls bridge this we brown drive for recreational use kelly dr block found green to strawberry mansion for regatta vine expressway heavy westbound for the parkway to the schuylkill merge blue route one line of traffic from burma down past baltimore pike volume mayor volume on ninety five north from just past the delaware state line to three twenty two and then totally jammed near the stadium area you cannot exit at broad street the ramp is shut down at this point because of all the volume heading to the stadium and we're seeing delays on the southbound side 95 around gerard in new jersey forty two fifty five north is down to the forty to merge an earlier accident around walt whitman bridge is cleared pence all can still a mess on one thirty near martin pike because of the traffic light being out mass transit on or close to schedule except watch for slippery rails on the.

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