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Can take what I'm about to say is way easier with the kitten. And I will describe a super secret magic solution that is available for kittens in some places in a moment. But in addition to that, it works with 5 year old and even 15 year old cats. What you do is you take some patience, you take out the carrier, you leave out the carrier as if it is a piece of furniture. And the cat will probably take a wide berth walking around it, you know, like, oh my God, what's this doing here? But eventually get adjusted to the fact that the carrier is just there like the sofa is just there. Over time begin to drop some treats randomly into the carrier so the carrier becomes a treat dispenser. So now the cat is periodically investigating, oh, I wonder if there's going to be something really good inside this carrier. Then what you begin to do is feed the cat just outside the carrier, then feed the cat inside the carrier. When the cat ultimately is comfortable with being fed inside the carrier, then what you do is you actually zip it closed, put the cat inside, zip it closed, and walk all the way into the next room, let the cat out of the carrier feed the cat. So good things happen. After the cat has been in the carrier. Fast forward the clock a little bit. You've given the cat a tour of your house and we're going upstairs, we're going downstairs, we'll go into this room and that room, now you get fat, the cat's not complaining, the cat voluntarily goes into the carrier because the cat knows, I'm only going to get fed after this. That's all. These crazy people are walking around with me inside the carrier. I don't know why, but I'm going to meal afterwards. Then you take the cat down to the car. Same thing, it's slow, you know? You just start the car and go nowhere, go back in the house, can't get fed after being in the carrier in the car. Eventually, you drive down the driveway, then you drive down the block, then you drive around the block. And then you go to the veterinary clinic, but nothing happens there, except the cat gets a treat or two or three, you go back home and they can't get sped. You kind of get the idea, I suspect it does take some doing. Is it worth it? Totally, I think. In addition to that, with a kitten, here's what I was the secret thing I was going to tell you. With a kitten, if you could find somewhere in your market that does kitten socialization classes, or take it upon yourself. If you happen to get a cat as a kitten and I know many people wonderful people, amazing people rescue cats that are 8 years old, which is a totally a great thing. But if you happen to have a kitten between the weeks of 8 and 15 weeks of age, then it's really easy. They don't care. Put the cat into the carrier, go to the vet clinic, give your kittens some treats. Do it again and again. And the kitten will be absolutely fine with that, or enroll in a kitten socialization class. If you keep it up throughout the kitten's life and now the kittens an adult cat. Now you've got it made. And there are some tools that we can use to do all this. I want to say quickly that I my fault, neglected to mention. So 5 years ago or ten years ago, we didn't have all of these tools. One is a feel away, for example, that is a knock off of a copy of a pheromone. And when cats rub their cheek pads against the table leg or against your leg, what they're doing is they're depositing a pheromone. And that pheromone translated from cat language means, oh, I'm comfortable and happy to be here. And this is a copy of that pheromone. You spray the feel away into or you can purchase feel the way wipes. They're like kind of like hand wipes, except they have pheromone. And you use the peel away wipes, either which way you spray the feel away, use the wipe and about 15 minutes before the cat goes into the carrier for all these dress rehearsals. And you've got a less anxious cat. And there are other things we can do as well. Tools we have nutraceuticals that nutritional supplements that we didn't have some number of years ago. And some of the great resources over at fear free pets dot com will put links to everything you've heard on today's show over at animal radio pet. Why do you think it's so imperative that pet owner seek out a fear free veterinarian? Oh my goodness. There are so many reasons for that. I mean, the primary reason is that they don't need to feel terrified or, as I said earlier, like they are going to die. I've met in my career, which, as you point out, has been for decades now. I've met perhaps thousands of veterinarians. And thousands of veterinary nurses. I've never met one, not one. That hasn't gone into the business to help, to help, in this case companion animals. But when these pets are terrified, their hearts break, the hearts break of the people that are bringing them in, caretakers of their family members with four legs, their hearts break and they become stressed, which increases the animal stress even more. And this vicious cycle doesn't even have to be good. We can do better than that. And doing better than that isn't only on the veterinary profession. It's on all of us as well. If you do one thing today, if you're surfing one particular website, I encourage you to go to fear, free pets dot com, fear free pets dot com to learn a little more how you can make your home a fair free happy home and how you can find a fear free certified vet. Of course, links to everything you've heard on today's show over at animal radio pet. Steve, thank you so much for coming on the show. You guys are wild. Thank you so much. Take care of yourself. Thank you. 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