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All Right It's time for the food court. All right. This week for food court files. We've got another troy spivey creation. I'm very excited talk about this one. This was one of the. The heaviest thing I've ever eaten. Yeah it was. It was very, very filling shockingly Eilly made through half of my half. So I made about a quarter of the way through my. Creation and It was really delicious. In the world of man versus food food one food definitely took care of business. Tonight so So for this week we made A. Stuffed garlic bread, the spivey special stuff I listen special. Kinda spinoff of One that we saw in southern discourse DOT. COM But. It we put a little spit on it and it came out a lot of spin. Spinner ruining? All right. So as you can tell from the title, we've got A. Tell by the title. garlic bread. And it step two things Oh So what kind of breakdown what we did to it, but it's got a lot going on we added. Like he said, it's probably one of the heaviest things we ever we ever made in it. Really wasn't that. Expensive to make either. Very. reasonable. I always talk about what we needed. So we had a loaf of Italian bread. We, had garlic powder and butter which was needed to make garlic bread. Yeah. We had bacon. We happen to US Turkey Bacon which normally I'd be against. But I think it actually worked for this because we didn't have baking grease getting into other things. we had Alfredo Sauce. We had. Ravioli Raviolis, we had hashbrowns. Peas chicken. Schick. Then we covered it all with cheese. Yes. It was like six pieces of chicken cutlet. Real thin chicken which I think worked out for it. it was Mozzarella cheese using the entire bag, of Mozzarella, cheese on top of this thing. We used. Cheese Ravioli. And.

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