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Are the money station am fourteen ten tb fred trays we're all the way back back a lot of memories anyway we are back with the reputation doctor that's his trademark nobody else can call themselves a reputation dr llc mike paul who's awfully leading keynote speaker and seminar presenter regarding reputation crisis management corporate communications and we get to the last segment we'll tell you how you can reach them for any of those functions mike you had a good background before even became a pr consulting as far as dealing with politics lays gentleman mike paul was a former aide to the former us senator alfonse d'amoto from new york and he was also a former aide to several other leaders in the new york state legislation that kind of gave you a little background what do people go through both bad and good and everything mike oh yeah well senator pothole which was nickname senator d'amoto was and still is known for helping folks in new york state he got the nickname cetera pothole because he really liked to help people with problems problems then and when he saw the problem for constituent obviously you wouldn't vote vote for life usually so that was always the strategy the best help new yorkers and i also took a leave of absence from my firm for a year in the late nineties before nine eleven and we're for rudy giuliani and new york city for years well so wow quake three levels of politics i worked in before really cutting my teeth and dive into pr especially crisis yeah great great great great of business great back background for ya you know let me ask you this i mean just because you're not working you're not involved in the ray rice case right i'm not involved with the ray rice case i have had many professional athletes and sports including many in the nfl clients over the years and i have never had the nfl it's a client but i have i get calls very often from them asking for my opinion but they've never been a client of mine directly you know when we see the famous tape the famous go into the elevator and the elevator tape i mean it's you know let's just say it's joe schwarz involved in that same thing and equals.

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