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In the fourth inning it was the leadoff batter ronald guzman don't you swung on line to right back those judge and she's gone he went back in the ball sailed out in right field in the lower deck how the tiger stadium right field goosebumps second home run as many games and texas takes us six lead now her mom would be out of the game after three more batters he allowed four hits including two home runs three walks a wild pitch actually three wild pitches hit a batter only four hits altogether in three and two thirds but the six runs all charged him they were all earned and the yankees in the six to one whole good relief pitching aj coal chases shreve and j l onny guy egos would combine to allow only to its they'd walk five but no runs and they held the rangers off the board the rest of the way however the yankees then began to chip away and got a little bit closer cole hamels did not allow another hit until the sixth inning after the tourists homer in the third only to it's on the board for the keys as the entered the seventh but with one out miguel do hard the batter here's the one to swung coast and eat it is high does far the do can do and do our hamas one into the left beal seats getting megi with it and the yankees now trail six to now at this point gary sanchez is come out of the ball game he walked in the sixth inning and they're running the bases looked like that calf cramped up and he would come out to the ballgame austin role mine took his first at bat in the eighth inning with one on one out and he did something well you're kind of used to seeing sanchez do pitch swung on a fly ball to right a deep back goes missouri the track on the wall gone boston rome how about that the homered in kansas city be homers here in texas and the yankees now trail six four yet not to shortchange romano hermit homered sunday in kansas city so.

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