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As you mentioned ping pong cornhole the moxie. Games I remember that Spike spike. Ball in there The rock paper, scissors. Quitted in rock paper. Scissors part of moxie game I actually once hosted the national rock paper scissors championships free seriously That was an interesting thing that happened about ten or eleven. Years. Winner I, think it. Went well I think it I think it's, a two out, of, three, and I think they've got scissors twice wow double. Says double scissors, I saw two kids. At Mifflin party weekend. Wisconsin per watt paper, scissors and then the loser got slapped in the face. So same basic God's working in that but, you've. Got that you've got. Chess boxing which is quite literally what it sounds like chess spot Chester no chess like the game, show and then you get to punch somebody also boxing yes that's all I explored the space that fits greatly so how HR don't pay attention that video holy smoke that's like wizard's chess from chess boxing yes very violent very violent chess so a. Lot of these things all going, on it's it's very exciting looking for and how did you describe these these basically not, a sport is that what you say it's almost a sport well. That's interesting. Because in, the early days of ESPN one. Of the things that people remember most, was a strict rules football or the referees had the white lake safari hats in the lab coats and. Every time there was a try. That went through it would run up and do like this now actually. When I was in Australia. You got to spend some time with the South Sydney swans of the Australian Football League and they. Actually. Had me, out there. Trying to kick the ball anybody hit you, know we was, a, hit, free zone HR would have been very friendly with. But I almost, pulled a hamstring three. Times trying to kick. One of those Austrailia, football through the uprights it wouldn't be doing very well Well I'm looking forward to ESPN the Ocho though I love all those those kind of. Off the off the beaten path, sports yet one that beauty is is like all sports which every sport is sort of, a ridiculous costume contests that we've all somehow assigned a ton of. Meeting these. People care, a lot about their giving them. They're going to try really hard so, it's a lot of fun to watch someone try really hard at hitting another personal lightsaber again that'll be. Eight eight eighteen there you go Down yes PM the Ocho is, back on eight, eight eighteen. There. You go And we announced it. At eight AM so it all it all come idiom on. The, east coast so we only here's a lot of. Eight going on And that thing is, stuck with us for, a long long time remember you can dodge dodgeball that's the, most important thing so that'll. Be, next week we'll look forward to that but you. Know this our next guest was. The first ever guest on our show but somehow Golic and wingo yeah we've still found a way to, keep.

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