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I seven thirty nine Gary Lewis within canister E. A. M. seven ninety two sons of most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know number one the Muller hearings happening now we highlights it is all for Democrats although for Mauler great for trump great for Republicans the country is seeing this is the guy this is the guy that was going to use up the truck is the guy that helped us hostage for two years he has no idea what he's talking about it's so bad it's good second thing I think you need to know T. U. S. D. had a school board meeting yesterday and they delayed a vote on the new sex ed curriculum because apparently seventy or eighty people showed up to the meeting according to cake on nine and not one of them was for it which is remarkable considering its Tucson that's fantastic third thing I think you need to know or value of a town the end of the debate tonight six o'clock church of the Nazarene up there about what to do with the golf courses pretty cool stuff you should go to that we I mean we have new stories but we're gonna to hold off on all these because this is just this is an unbelievable morning right now three things I think you need to now I'm you see when the regular media reports on its boring and Steph when we do what it's freaking great right am I right or am I right yeah right thank you I believe I'm right as well right now let's and we'll get your comments on this I mean because it's so unbelievable what it what your impression so far what are your maybe yes do you think this is going to make Democrats realize a democratic voters I should say I should I can't over these people anymore or you know matter what they're gonna love this and they're gonna hate trump and you know both sides just so dug in it is what it is yeah I just can't see how you look at this as we hire this guy to run our government no no no we do not I want to go to really after that he was in charge of at one point and he's in charge of investigating the president's John literally has no clue as to what he is doing matter fact you wonder how you sound confused we have a little montage I can put this up a canister dot com gravy news me this we will play it for you because it's that good it's that good listen to this year ago the president committed the crime of destruction you could not publicly state that in your report or here today can you repeat the question Sir a wise decision and conspiracy essentially synonymous terms your guide to repeat that for me true that the impact of.

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