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So we like to end the show every week. Chris would like some fun like nuggets and tidbits, stories that you know, maybe we didn't cover throughout the show, and I'll bring in our esteemed executive producer Camera crowd here, executive. I can't give you a race teller Naga. Don't worry about. It's not me, um Thought we had a name for this segment. I thought it was like prime takes or something like that. So Chris Mitchell, I believe created Prime takes. There's also been We play a game with Amber Wilson. Big deal. No big deal. I called it news and notes a couple weeks ago. This time I called it. What did you miss? So this has many different names for how we go through these fun little topics that we wrap up the show with. You know how radio works. Cam is we try to, like, Make one name and that way you kind of like build. Like something off of that. I just created for 10. Different names. How about Prime takes if crime tanks angry? Tell him to watch the Jets and relax. Tell No, we're gonna take crime Techs, and Chris and I are going to do prime takes with you Cam right here on ESPN. The problem is Jeff. I'd love to do that. A couple of these are just like fun stories. I'll try and spin it into having you guys give scalding hot takes, but for some of them, we might not be able to. But for the first one we do. We were talking about this just before we came on air, So apparently Levis. I believe the Kentucky player posted a video on tiktok eating a banana with appeal on and, uh, our colleague Alyssa Lang, as well as some of the members of the S E. C network. Attempted this on air Yesterday. Jeff and Chris, would you eat a banana with the peel on? Well, I wouldn't have until I saw listen to it yesterday and then she said, it's not that bad. She just said. It's like kind of crunchy. Laura Rutledge took like multiple bites out of it. So, um, as long as it wasn't green because then I feel like that would be like really crunchy like I do it. I mean, I might need some money, but Not enough, Jeff. Jeff, you are you kidding me? Only this fried. If you fry the banana peel and fry the banana, I need it. But like we're in Texas, we can do that for you. We can fry anything here. I will ship it to you. And that would be fine. I would. I would be very adventurous and try that. But like eating.

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