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When your balanced it helps your passing attack it helps your defense to stay off the field kirk cousins is gonna get the opportunity to play with two components that he never had in washington as a starter a respectable defense in a running game go back and look the running game got worse year after year now kirk cousins four thousand yards here four thousand yards they're incredibly accurate but i mean sue for a lack of support so now of course aaron rodgers comes back jury still out on on the defense is no question about that muhammad wilkerson stare mike pets the new defensive coordinator as usual they drafted a whole bunch of defensive back so we got to see how they gel i'm excited about the tree reut in the sense that again new head coach but will they learn to run the football they share no team in the league over the past four seasons as one the ball for fewer yards in the lions here here's a stat that you want for you jonathan over the last four years the lions have played the total of sixty six games sixty four in the regular season and two in the playoffs you often hear about that streak of not having one hundred yard rusher by the team right right in low sixty six games the lions have been held under one hundred yards as a team in fifty of them sixty out of sixty six not an individual runner i'm talking about as a team now you know you can't tell listen i know the running game doesn't doesn't have the same impact that it had thirty years and so one but you know ask a coach run the football stop the run that's that's that's still a manager in the nfl how does how does that happen not just over just one coaching staff over several regimes russell how does that happen under millan the same way how you would think that millen as a gm back in the day a bread and butter god they would like to run the football how does that happen that you just go through coach after coach still can't run the football i think what happens is when you have a prolific passer like matthew staffer and then you surround him with golden state and eventually marvin jones and you know some of the other thing you can remember a couple of years ago with the tenth pick in the draft they went after a tight end eric brown who's no longer with the team so you know there is a mentality around the league of some listen all i understand you're supposed to outscore the other team i get that okay but the lack of balance and throwing it all on your quarterback to carry the load has never worked in this league i point out to historical stats to my favorites and they're hard to dispute jonathan we have seen nine teams in the history of the nfl score at least five hundred and forty points the i don't throw that out number as a random number 'cause that's almost thirty five game the last one was the atlanta falcons in two thousand sixteen of those nine teams none of them won the super bowl wow also been fifty two super bowl champions and i'm still waiting for the first quarterback to lead the league in passing yards and win the super bowl the same season amazing numbers does this amazing i'm looking forward to i hope that hope the bears are listening because if you're optimistic hopefully they'll be optimistic to because they've been in the doldrums for way too long trust men fox is it's been too long and one of their biggest issues obviously when listen when you you go nineteen fortyfive over four years fan that's not good i mean last year and you know they pulled a doughnut in the nfc north okay so i mean if you can't win the games in your own division i mean what i mean it's great you went for and against the afc north i wouldn't six versus the nfc north and their divisional record or last two or three years it's been absolutely awful i mean you think about and think about the fact that they played the packers last year with aaron rodgers and then without aaron rodgers and.

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