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Is based on ammon bundy production so then about a take about two or three weeks to be forms so the cast did not work well in the first two weeks of infection when you want to try to make that early if diagnosis after two or three weeks of infection then the vice fourman than the test starts to work better but there is this and get up in the first couple weeks for the tough does not perform well and then there are some controversy with disease live with this disease the fact that lime doesn't always look the same in people the way it doesn't and the medical literature right yeah i mean there are you know textbook patients always read the textbook so so they don't so what they're supposed to look like and so you know as a question i i certainly rookie measure thursday with a lot of bird ability on what the textbook describe the structure and i think he's saying about how long does it take to win insect a person i think that's also a some if allen g there that we don't really know moe most of public doesn't now so easily had taken at once it it takes a few days for that pick defeat on your before that linebacking i am mobilize from that but i can actually make their way into your body here for line davies as long as you get that done a cop within a couple of days here usually okay siemian the two ten actually stan your body that long yeah i think speed for several days of wow when i mean if they're sort of remarkable because you just pick it is the ripped for about two years about that malcolm life and but during that entire time here period they only feed three times so you know you even for a couple of open with reasonable it that's the on if you're three mailed in your to your life than so what one aren't what are the other two meals love a different him thanks so they had trout as i said before they have to out on infected with a back to hear.

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