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Work out well and it's a really difficult thing so i would think that for me. I mean i like any main but kenny and peyton that you have two people trying to the same spot and that just won't work what they really need somebody who's going to be super smart and he's going to understand the chemistry between peyton any lie and get the hell out of the way right right. Well we are two and a half weeks away from the first monday night so I would imagine decision has come down pretty soon now. Well it's not only that but you have to be really really quiet about maybe some auditions in some trials that you're doing because these things can go myriad ways right and you just can't pick somebody that you've gotta cut feeling about. You gotta get in the booth. You gotta do some recording so at least that's how i feel the less you want to do to peyton. Anti lie is make mistakes. Even if it's somebody that payton wants you gotta get that person on their feet and see how it works. So i hope right now. They're doing some quiet testing be. You know it's like reagan said to gorbachev trust but verify Even if it is choice. Yeah how should. How should steve. Levy brian greasy. And and louis riddick feel about this. Forget about it just you know they. They have big big job that they have to do every week and the last thing they need to be doing is looking at this summit thing who cares i mean all i know it sounds like an easy thing to do and i think steve levi's capable of making it that easy. Just keep keep the focus on what you're doing in your booth and making that show the best. It can possibly be particularly after such a fractured potholed laden. You know recent history right moving on from the monday night. Football alternate broadcast Came out this week max. Kellerman will be off. I take andrew martian in the post said. This was a stephen a call. I would imagine if stephen as making twelve million a year. espn's going to do what he wants. you know. It's a tough thing there. Because stephen is taking care of kellerman. They're going give them morning radio show and a tv show. But you think this maybe make a look bad a little bit if this is true..

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