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Quincy wilson was playing a little bit more safety. He was listed as a safety here on the snap. Count chart that. You put together in this article. Chris and he has the interception but overall i thought that quincy wilson look pretty good in that new role previously. He was drafted as a corner. He's a bigger corner pretty good athlete. And maybe if we see this transition he could find his way to in being one of the back end defensive backs on this roster because like that's a pretty good performance in a second preseason game for quincy wilson. Yeah now we do have to find out what happened with the quincy wilson's injury. He did what he did go down. He wound up being carted off the field. I've been just combing through the beat writers especially after a jo-jobs press conference today. I have yet to see anything about injuries. With respect to wilson or and john or anybody any of the giants who went down yesterday so hopefully they are okay. Hopefully they're just little dings but wilson. Was i think a guy who surprised people you know we. I think we all knew to keep our eye on. Carter coughlin yo as he moves to inside linebacker Flash those pass rushing chops again. You've got the sack. got some pressure. I thought he moved well enough in space. Although he does need to work on we'll say the finer points of coverage out there like maybe not tackling the tight end before the ball gets there by otherwise he oh. He moved well at one point he was. It was an overthrow by case keenum but at one point he was actually forced to go out to corner your when the browns were working on their empty set and he did a pretty good job running with the running back down the field in into the end zone yet. Madria harper was the other secondary piece. Who left the game with an injury. He's he didn't want to give up the touchdown and that fourth down play on the first browns drive the that was poor technique not using what jerome henderson teaches. That using that that that forward arm instead of back arm. He went with a back armament. He has no point of contact on the receiver. Just bad technique there and it was really good throwing catch as well and that's really hard to kind of compete against mccarter coffin. Chris you brought him up. Man garner coughlin other than that one series where he allowed that one catch and then he kind of allowed another catch earlier on. I think in that same series where there was like a tight end cross and he'd been a little bit slow by down on it but other than that. He was carrying to meet felton. Who's a really good athlete. Wide receiver running back hybrid type of player at a ucla a rookie down the field. He did a good job bad. He was versatile weapon. He's i think he's more secured his roster spot now. I don't know if it's a hundred percent. But i think he was somebody who i have the impression he was on the bubble. Could've everybody that. The giants added men. We see how he transition on linebacker and how. Yeah there are some words but it definitely is something that i feel a little bit more confident about and then i see what he can do on the edge. I think he's probably more closer to locking up a roster spot because of the versatility that he's going to provide grams defense. I think he's definitely pushing devante downs and i would not be upset to see carter coughlin as the giants other starting inside linebacker next to blake martinez. Either i just wanna throw it like a super broad point. Because i'm just like taking a full view of what we've talked about in today's episode and we're throwing out so many names i feel like evaluating them all and the crazy thing. A lot of these guys aren't going to make the roster. It's it's so strange and we talked about a little bit on the post game. Reaction show that we didn't get any exposure to any starters in this game and i know i let in talking about that but this three-game preseason is so different than i think what we're used to usually. It's it's more gradually working in the starters and getting them more and more prepared for the start of the season. But you know here. We are right now. We were assuming we'd see some of the starters. We don't get to see any of them. It's just. I feel like it's harder to really get a true sense of who's actually gonna make the roster and not we can really key in on who's having good performances but it's kinda hard to really get a true sense of like okay. This guy is going to fit in this role. This is going to fit in that role. I think we won't even really know after the third preseason game until there's final cuts which you could argue. That's a good effective job by the coaching staff. To not expose what team should expect during the regular season. Yeah and it's something that is. It speaks to the coaching of the giant. As well to joe because we don't know exact the exact roles because a lot of these guys are versatile enough to execute a lot of different roles in wear a lot of different types of hats in patrick graham as we saw last year he did a really good job of implementing a lot of these players in a variety of ways. Guys like julian love who was trapped as a cornerback. Moved to safety play. A little cornerback played slot in twenty nine hundred. He can do a lot of different things. We saw him early on his game. He in there for like a drive. Maybe drive and a half had five tackles and then left. You could tell. He built a lot better than the players. Who are kind of on the second team for the browns. And on the second team for the giants. I just think a lot of these defensive players. The giants have can do a lot of different things. And that's kind of what this coaching staff wanted. Out of guys. Jewish love guys at carter coughing campground who i mean. We might not even have to see him on defense because he provides so much value to special teams. That i agree and i think that is kind of a a a skill that especially on defense the giants are looking for and i think it's a really useful skill because we see offenses especially some of the more modern offenses being able to do so much out of really similar sets where they can run ten different plays out of the basically exact same a personnel grouping the exact same formation and it can be so hard for often for defenses rather to know what's coming and with a lot of these hybrid players coming out. Now it's so hard for defenses to match up so the more you can do the more you can do so thing. That's a good note to wrap up today's episode on folks. 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