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So James, you got anything else is your is your brain full too. I'll tell you. I feel like we've got like five or six more episodes just came out of this, right? I mean, it's it's crazy the places that we can go with all the places will go. Yeah. Just it's mind blowing, and you know, we've talked about, you know, cyber insurance many times, you know. And I think it always comes back to pretty much the same bangs may know, the the thing I said he would think about is. And if I'm sitting down going to do this who do I need to get in contact with to look this over and say, hey, what the heck am I signing? Your kid is actually going to be good for me. Because I think a lot of people try to just go into it. They kind of read overly. Yeah. You know? This looks good. Sure. We'll do it. And don't really understand what it is. And the ad to that. What it may be like, you know, was plebs on the episode. What may have been something understood today, maybe different tomorrow? And that just my blow. Well, George John thanks for joining us and filling our brains with more questions than clearly we have answers for. But at least we've got we've got someplace to locate your if you wouldn't the thing that you read us could you send me a reference set outposts that on the link to the in the in the podcast notes because. Sure. Eighteen US code two three three one. Okay. Cool. That's that's pretty sure not on Wikipedia. Right. Right. I'll go dig into. I think congress has a copy of that. Lying around somewhere. All right, guys. Thank you so much. This has been informative and hugely brain filling in terms of knowledge. And again, I'm I I always leave episodes like this slightly more afraid than when I walked into them because you get a little bit of eyes wide shut syndrome. Right. Where he was like, oh, this can't be that bad. And he start hearing experts actually actual experts. Not the folks we do we have on on on the news channels with the air quotes experts. You know, talk about what what what the locations are. And boy how this gets nasty. So for Jay's myself, Sean, George, thanks for listening. You guys we have enjoyed having this discussion. I hope you've enjoyed listening. Whether this is your fourth or fifth time through the episode because you're taking notes and keep having to go back hash tag on Twitter. And all but a way to get in contact with our guests be at carrier pigeon or Twitter, and I'll thanks for listening. Guys. We'll see you guys another time another. Place on another down the security rabbit hole podcast. Yikes. As we've bathed out on another down this security rabbit hole. Episode. We'd like to encourage you to chat with our hosts and gifts using the bitter. Hashtag pound D T S are please check out the show notes catch up on any episodes. You may have missed and subscribe, don't miss a few. Our website is white rabbit dot net. One two three r av IT dot net. So on behalf of jeans. Bucks. We'll see you soup on another down the security casts.

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