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Flesh, gordon. I'm afraid I wasn't involved with those monsters some of the spaceships enough that would you think of doing a sequel and making more? Venus or no, I don't maybe somebody's done that already. I didn't make a sequel to maybe. Where was this one? This is this is interesting to us. Bob Burns Joe by as assist does. Dennis have memories of working on the Bob Burns Halloween extravaganzas in the seventies. Oh, I see. Oh, we have here. You know, the show. Yeah. Yeah. We talk about it a lot together whenever we see him. You know? And and wish she was still doing them. He's a sweet, man. What was that line is oh of so much fun? You know, it'd be like six or eight people getting together for like four weekends right before Halloween and Babadi in an idea. We're going to do the thing. You know, we're gonna build it corridors like, you're you're in the ice at the Arctic up there and doorways, and we're gonna have a guy telling them be careful, and they'll open the don't open that door, of course. And that's the one that opened up. I wanna give given to have been on there in those movies. You not only saw the movie, but had a live theater show with it. Oh, yeah. That's that's what this was. These were live shows like for two or three minutes long based on movies. We had a war of the worlds one. We did we did some fiction big Goumba creature was on the top of Bob's house. Mad? Love it jecklin, high kind of character with the with the blue and red light changing. And we did a really exciting when it was very hard to do on based on the exorcist where the girl levitated right there in front of your eyes in the in the attic. And then you're sitting there looking at it. But then at the last minute, you know, you get scared and you run out screaming. So it always had a punchline when they were alive. They were hiring gum. Glenn strange. In beta go, see some of those shows I heard I I don't think they were higher, but they become by that's great as as fans. Yeah. That's. I've never seen the. But you know, it's so funny. Walk into Bob's burns house one day. I remember walking in there's doodles Weaver. Wow. What? I didn't know it. Right. Name to bring doodles Weaver. Other for long. On people like that. So these guys would show up, you know, we'd have on the thing show. Some of the actors would show up were in the movie in the original there to go through the show. So I don't know how Bob knew everybody. But he did, you know, what's so great about Bob is there's no I run a there's nothing camp about it at all. Yes. He loves these creatures. Right. Absolutely. And we all do and the ad why? That's why we're still here in the other people have gone onto doing situation comedies or something. I think we'll all the joy this question from Michael Wagner can Dennis recreate the bicycle scene from AT with Gilbert in the basket. I'll do it. It's a challenge. Would love that. Wouldn't be very hard. Either. Sita says Dennis Dennis worked on captain EEO with Michael Jackson. Does he does? He have a story or or a memory. Well, I wasn't ever on the set. Okay. But so, but I knew about it because George was producing it and Francis was directing. So I heard all the stories about it. And it was it was really it was a very hard shoot. It was the most expensive, you know, per minute movie. I think after that time that ever been done in three D And Victoria, Dorado the great cameraman shot and stuff looked. I saw dailies from it. It looked just amazing. But it was a tough because that's sort of thing hadn't been number four and three D or anything spaceships and everything and analyzing how big the spaceship, look and three D coming up in the audience. Sure also things like that we had to deal with sure what why did you say? And I think I know the answer to this too. But will our fans will enjoy hearing. It will why why are t to Terminator two and Jurassic Park high points for you. Because for fifty years up till then or whatever, I don't know if that's numbers, right? I had been struggling not that long forty year sprinkling with trying to make things look real. And there was it was really hard..

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