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So how many pounds are you done there? Tony. Down forty eight pounds, forty eight pounds in Hamad. You lose let's say if you remember go back to the early days of day one two three and five somewhere in that first week. Did you see it come off slowly or was it pretty quick for you? It was very quick. It was like it was a like a major motivator because it was a pound two pound in a half a day. Wow. Every morning. I stepped on a scale. I was downtown down the house, and he did that until you got forty eight pounds down in that amazing. Yes. The people in your life spouse, you know, friends family in your social circles have noticed a new thinner healthier. Tony, right. Absolutely to change your life. Yeah. Explain explain share that. Yeah. So I was very skeptical. Obviously what I I tried it. But I needed to do something at a at a thing about it was that. I actually started the program by over a year ago. And I kinda wasn't like enthused and motivated about it. And just kinda just sweep it under the rug and probably only started like the first three or four days and wasn't really in that position to many position. I was. Were type of vitamin I guess, you would say or you know, didn't have the. Capabilities. I thought. But so then a year went by. And I thought well man, I'm in a better position. Now, I really need to lose. And I went and I went for and it is just unbe unbelievable. That Dr Phillips office. I can't say enough good things about the staff there. Just it anytime you needed call of you need help. Did you sit in date? You know, they if you you know, you can. It's just amazing. Everybody's just like antastic. We'll tell you what you know. Tony, you know, only as good as my staff. Right. So I can spend as many years, you know, developing and putting together programs for my patients, but you know, without execution in delivering the product to the patient. You know, doesn't do us any good. So we spend a lot of time training the staff in their personal the friendly. They're knowledgeable, and they'll work with you. If you're out there listening right now. And and you think it's about going out of diet. You just think, you know, you gotta think different. You know, you can't expect it for results by doing the same thing. So here's the number to call today. Eight five five eight nine eight four four six eight five five eight nine eight four four six call me right now, you pick the day you pick the time you pick the office. And you know, we'll sit need a knee, and I and heart to heart, you know, myself or or my team, and we'll figure out exactly what is going to work for you. And Tony that's exactly what they did. And we did free, isn't it? Right. Absolutely. You know, I mean. My people come and say, well, you know, because. I forty days where you're talking talking like six or eight hundred calories a day. But it's. It's time to burn the fat. And a lot of people said all magic. How could you do six eight hundred calories a day? That's that's not helping that's not gonna work for you. And I proved them all wrong, and you know. It's just it's amazing. How it works as a motivation of as your? Loosing the pound, and it's working. It's just amazing that that you know, that depends come off. And then you're burning fat. That's not like, it's, you know. It's it it just gradually goes down for you. I'm down to pant sizes to shirt sizes. And one more thing I like about it is the recipe that you I just. All the rest of the and try new thank you ideas. By roommate? Doesn't really need to lose weight. But he's eating all the good food that I'm making. And he watching tell you we're gonna talk more about recipes. Tony hold on the line. We're going to take a short break. And I'll tell you what the average patient believe or not because it's customize individualize can consume as much as, you know, twelve hundred fifteen hundred calories a day, we have to make it specific for you. So if you just think it's about the food think twice because in our doctor's office is about what your body does with the food. We've gotta change at internal terrain for you. So here's the number eight five five eight eight nine eight four four six. We'll be right back with more burn fat, Orlando states..

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