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Explain what happened the police officer didn't turn up the magistrate found in my favour nor got the conviction of a ton did you well done felt good yeah move on with denise ah she ever gets others she she was in the model of the story those you've got the tablet she ashley married the guy cold nikki who was the bruce the for bros owners illness there isn't vote all of that was the other one let loose and they started a really successful record label but she didn't you are just the right this topic up your do you not think that in spor you actually have especially in team teamsport there's a lot of people you have to put your trust in your teammates you'll teammates you'll manager i've been misplaced a few times now misplaced trust you have to ask to i i think we've talked before about you you don't ask the galmor ought to be friends with everyone you got a trust everyone and i didn't in the teams i put him in iraq and it was probably it eleven as icees 2005 brunet media i recommend trusted eight eighty eight of them and then of the three now i got them by a few people got close to a couple of people and then all of a sudden when push came to show of they will be not there for may but not but even worse than not light and people come in and say send someone comes to a a rewrote someone comes into a team and then you will cast the rim and then you because i when i started playing with england it was a it was a different difficult place to be and you walk in a new player he's not the from this place and i remember the and i thought you know any new play a common and i'm gonna make a massive out here 'cause i knew what it was like i'm secure myself i'm secure my position on my ability that these people not threats the potential team metsu the cannot me out.

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