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Corner and he splashes down a three. They left Zach Reichel alone. He's got five in the Oregon State leaders. 7 12 5 beavers with 14 47 to go first Half the Beavers seniors are off to a good start. All three of them on the board. You life parquet over to jury A horn in the left wing up top. It goes to Daniel's Daniel's stops. Top of the key picks up that dribble, meet some help. Get it back to park A Lucas right there on him. Parquet puts it on the deck with 11 to shoot works his way to the top of the key. Bouncing the horn faces up on Reichel. Eight to shoot Pump Fake Step back deep jumper top of the key front of the rim. No good. Galati shake climbs high for the Oregon state rebound, They'll hand it back to even Thompson. Beavers have the ball on top by seven. Thompson calls out the set as he slowly crosses into the front court. Drop it off Dalati Shea above the right elbow back to Thompson. Open three. Top of the key just off the mark. No good little bit strong and McKinley right. As the Colorado rebounds. Buffaloes into the front court, right, goes between his legs dribbles left, pulls up from 16 above the foul line and hits the jump shot. Right. That's one of those plays that I talked about. Colorado needed a bucket right there. And McKinney, right, realizes that so he comes down, looking to score a little more than he normally would. Every possession and the nine Nothing. Oregon State run 12 7 Beavers on top. Reichel bound to the top of them. Left wing looked into silver. He's fronted inside, They go up top. The rifle between the circles. Reichel dribbles left steps back, needs some help looking to get it to Thompson and does shot clock down to eight. Thompson against Daniels out front lobby tonality shape mid post on the left one dribble into the paint puts it up overhaul. Hand scores tough finish inside by worry Vala T Shae with a hand in his face, and it's 14 7, Oregon State. He needed that he's been defending well in rebounding well, but he needed to see the ball go through the Net park, a bouncer to heaven. Batty silver backs up to give him space battle beyond the arc just left the center holds the ball of his waist gets it over to Matic. Daniel's left wing dribbles up to the top of the key. Picks up that drivel flipping out the McKinley right high on the right side Shot clock. It's seven counts of battery inside the ark dribbles left on silver turns puts it up with right hand that jump hook is good, Nice move by Evan Batty. He's got four and it's 14 9, Oregon State. Almost Silver's going to do a better job contestant. He was in good position, but he never left the ground. Just got to get up and contest that shot. Thompson will bring it across the timeline bouncing up the L A T shaped top of the circle. Allah T shape outside inside his silver gets around batty and lays it in that he went for the steal came up empty. It's an easy Looking for Silva at 69, Oregon State. Romans, too big matches vertically. He's also too big horizontally to get around 71 to 65. Here's horn. Working his way down now turns change puts it up side of the room short fatty. The offensive rebound pump fake leans in scores off the glass Evans batting in amongst the trees. He's playing well early with 6 16 11, Oregon State. Having bad He's a warrior inside. You had better get him off the glass. If he's got inside position, you're in trouble. As a matter how tall you are top looking at the rifles out of the left corner. McKinley, right is all over him. Reichel dribbles, right. Get it down. The t Say lob it up towards the rim for silver. That's out of balance. You know why Dad he had about a hole. I'm surprised Tony was right near Tony Padilla, but he was screened. He couldn't move for the past because he was being held a little bit by Evan Batty that Silva said that Tony Padilla, who just shook his head, No, it's a turnover. Colorado will have it when we come back 11 59.

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