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Entry yang condemned the attack and elderly asian woman. Walking the streets of hell's kitchen could easily then my mother because that's where we live And so when. I saw this video. That is who i thought of. My children are actually playing that playground across the street from that apartment building Regularly so seeing this happened in my neighborhood hit very close to home. Us attorney general merrick garland has ordered the justice department to conduct a thirty day review of what he called a disturbing trend of hate. Crimes targeting ericans in news from mali. United nations investigation has determined french warplanes bombed a wedding party in january killing nine thousand nine hundred civilians. The mass killing prompted protests and mali. Where france has deployed five thousand troops. France rejected the findings of the un report claiming all the victims were slavic militants. The biden administration's finally allowed some journalists inside a temporary customs and border protection jail in donna. Texas over forty one hundred asylum seekers including thirty four hundred unaccompanied children are being held at the site which has an official capacity of just two hundred fifty due to the pandemic children were seen crying as they lay on floor mats up being covered by foil blankets one. Cbs reporter counted six hundred fifteen children. In a plastic walled pod designed to hold just thirty two people. During the pandemic lawmakers in washington state have passed a bill banning four prophet prisons and immigrant detention facilities in a move that could result in the eventual shutdown of the northwest detention center in tacoma washington. Which is run by the geo group during the pandemic many asylum seekers imprisoned northwest launched several hunger strikes protesting the squalid dangerous conditions inside the ice jail. The bill now heads to governor jay inslee as desk. The new york state legislature has voted to legalize recreational marijuana for adults into expunge. The records of people previously convicted of possession of small amounts of marijuana governor. Andrew cuomo has vowed to sign the legislation. Florida republican congressman matt gates is facing a department of justice probe into whether he violated federal sex trafficking laws by having a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old paying for her to travel with him gates has denied the reports and claims. He's the victim of criminal. Extortion the probe grew out of an investigation of one of gates. His political allies joel greenberg who is indicted last year for sex trafficking of a child among other charges in two thousand nine hundred nine gates and greenberg visited the white house together. The expose was in the new york times and the notorious republican operative g. Gordon liddy has died at the age of ninety liddy spent four and a half years in jail for his role in the one thousand nine hundred seventy two break in of the democratic party national headquarters at the watergate complex which led to the downfall of richard nixon. He also wants admitted to making plans to kill. The investigative journalist. Jack anderson and romain chip fitzgerald has died in prison after being locked up for over fifty one years in california. He was the youngest imprisoned member of the black panther party for decades authorities in california who refused to grant him parole even after he had a stroke and was forced to use a wheelchair or walker. Chip fitzgerald was seventy one years old and those are some of the headlines assist democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman in new york joined by democracy now co host one gonzales new brunswick new jersey high juan. Hi amy and welcome to our listeners. New viewers across the country and around the world. Well we begin. Today's show in burma. Where more than five hundred people have been killed. During protests against the february first military coup that toppled burma's democratically elected civilian government. At least one hundred forty. One people were killed on saturday alone in the bloodiest day. So far as soldiers opened fire on civilians demonstrating against military rule in dozens in cities and towns across the country. Children were among the dead including five year old boy. According to amnesty international and a thirteen year old girl on sunday burmese troops fired on a funeral service for twenty year. old student. Protester killed near the commercial capital rangoon. The attacks drew condemnation from the european union. United states uk germany with the u n special rapporteur for burma accusing the military regime of mass murder on tuesday. Us secretary of state. Tony blinken condemned the crackdown and called for international companies to consider cutting ties to enterprises that support burma's military. The people of burma are speaking clearly. They don't wanna live under military rule and that is evident from what we're seeing and hearing and witnessing and continue to call on the military regime to release all those people who've been unjustly detained stop its attacks on civil society members journalists labor unionists halt the killings by security forces and returned to power the democratically elected government. The united states is committed to working with its allies and partners to hold the perpetrators of these acts accountable. This comes as human rights. Activists are calling an international energy companies like chevron to withhold revenues from natural gas projects. They operate in burma from the hunter controlled government. Meanwhile an estimated three thousand people have fled southeastern burma into thailand. After the burmese military bombed areas controlled by the karen ethnic minority group. At least four hundred fifty nine people including at least thirty five children have been killed since the start of the protests according to rights groups burma is also known as myanmar military leaders changed the name to myanmar in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine after brutally. Suppressing a pro-democracy uprising. For more. we're joined by our and he is from rangoon. The former capital of burma formerly known that is now called yang-gon. He came to the us to attend college and a senior at the new york institute of technology. His recent for the colleges newspaper called the manhattan globe is headlined misogyny silenced. Feminism amplified welcome to democracy. Now it's great to have you with us. And first of all. I want to say you're incredibly brave to come on this broadcast to show your face and i'm wondering if you can talk about what's happening in your home country talk about your family and why you've chosen to do this first broadcast interview of your life. I'm so as we all know. On figure i the military took over as a coup in my country And ever since that it's been almost over two months now So many people have died so far like you said there's have there have been partnered fifty debts and that's just an estimate With a seven year old girl being one of the youngest victims of five year old boy recently And the situation by call does not seem to be getting any better. We have there. There's some days where like you know. People have a little more hope but they are most days. It's more gloomy Many of us abroad Were very worried about people back home. We wake up to more bad news every morning. More debts. It's just been.

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