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In March of two, thousand, fourteen to young. Dutchwoman by the names of Lisane Froun and Chris crammers when the country of Panama for a homestay study trip to learn Spanish looking for a day out enjoying the beauty of the countryside and on April. First of two, thousand, fourteen, the Sane and Chris sent out on a day hike on pristine pianist trail, which is located near the town of. Bukit and the Baru Volcano Open Butcher that I probably didn't along with their lost family host families dog it was planned to be a very short routine excursion and take some scenery in the clouds around the forest area. Do some swimming then come back and go to their studies and they only brought with them. The barest essentials, such swimsuits, sunglasses, cameras, just basic deters the items they weren't. Going out for a day hiker couple of days to bring anything such as food or water yet they would walk out onto that trail into the jungle and seemingly off the face of the earth never to be seen again. The night only the dog returned without either La- sane or Chris in the worried house family became concerned it was soon turned out that both women's family shortly after stop receiving regular mobile phone messages and communications from their daughters and their facebook updates had also abruptly stopped. So when the saying in Chris Missing appointment that next day they were declared missing and the Panamanian authorities organize an intensive search not to say it's very quick for a foreign government. But of course, you've issues with tourism in these different areas, different countries, and you know they don't want things to look bad for any American tourists. especially, I would say in in Panama. So anyways, they organize an intensive search would scoured the train using police aircraft soldiers sent dogs in signal flares to alert. The women to their presence in any case, they were lost all with the help of locals in native tribes of the area. While in the meantime, eight, thirty, thousand dollar reward was offered by the families for any information.

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