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Try that new a battle. I saw travis. He kicked my mapping. My god i did about seven seconds. I was freaking out. Now jason. I ever went toe to toe would end in hypothermia out but we have one customer. Who is a diehard that comes Six as weak and he can be both jason night I won't name him out of respect for him He was in there. What j. you know who i'm talking about us. They're four and five hawk net. It's like i think. I'll probably cap out from boredom. Before i would from my new just like not be able to take anymore once you do. It's funny because they like the pain curve on coal dishonor opposite right like saunas get more hard long ago really pacing back and forth. I gotta get outta here. The coal easier you know. Have you breathe into it. Get appleby to it. Every subsequent minute is easier than the last minute and you can really like especially child's that. I both competitive. people were feeling pushed. We could push to point. That's ridiculous but the saunas really like that point. It gets harder harder a. There's no way out of that. It's not gonna get easier after twenty minutes netflix. Going bad and the you know other thing is there. There is a there is some evidence that after about three or four minutes You know there's kind of diminishing returns on the benefits of it so you know you want to try and make it to a threshold. But then after a certain point there's not much benefit. So i think jesse both kind of know that's usually get to know four or five minutes we just you know okay. Let's go across the benefit is saying you're about ass. When he got psychotic shed go from you. Know saw come on fatima. Animal the polar plunge will be coming up soon enough so that he didn't like three times. That's fun i at saw. It is but it's it's fun and it's like it's precarious up. It's the it's like d day. Name blow the whistle. Everybody starts broadening. You're in the middle of his group that run it the deal behind. You're running running and you're the water all a couple years ago because it was so called. They were afraid people would legitimately get hypothermia. And then i who lived in atlantic beach and they went anyway so i think there's a three or four years ago and it was brutal man. The idea the water temperature was like thirty eight or something that air temperature with like net zero or negative. It's really when you get out in your on the beach and you're disoriented and there's people everywhere you're like where's my shit or you're like looking all your stopping us get. That's when you really route nine near the water. It's when you're out you're trying to find your your blank all you you for blanket at that point now in your size fund. I'm gonna go this year guys. You want to give a frog any websites anywhere else. You know people could find the bath house and kind of goes out. We are at a bath house on instagram. We were pretty cool instagram fee. That we put a lot of work to you can see a lot of You know details about what we're doing there and also a little glimpse about house culture. And i alex and we also on our website is a bath. House dot com a bath house a visa to ages. And that's that's really instagram. It's the website and we don't mess around twitter. we're not We're not in the in. The political pundits fear. She all about bath house. I love logo dotson. Thanks yeah and the only thing. I guess we would Would plum give shout. We didn't get into his We have this this restaurant that we're really proud of it's part of bath house in. We changed it over covid. We changed the whole team. Changed the chef Mainly and we have jason. I are both like fan boys over our chef tony. He is just incredible so Yeah i would urge you guys. Come tabatha house comes a restaurant and check out. What what tony's doing it's pretty special stuff. it's crazy guy. He's a genius. The menu has it is a highly composed beautiful like louis menu. That's free of grains in sugar. So what your housing. You're like really feeling good. It's gonna cube you at that vibration and not you're not gonna have a really heavy experience. It's you know But it's not it's not it doesn't feel like hell sued but it's still leave there feeling alive. You know cool wireless lan natural winds. We have a great beverage director. Like the i feel confident. This point saying we're one of ron's in north brooklyn you know. I take We just that's post covid thing we really put together. Met the challenge put together. A whole team altered dotting environment. It's beautiful crushed not crossing the truth. Still good therapy session. Troll plunged county right now by. I'll take your credit card detail doctor. Because i got free but i bought them so guys. It's been awesome. Thanks thanks for getting enough. Get no you and we're looking forward to not only coming but on gasoline. How you guys you know. Continue cool thanks for having to congratulate you guys. Do it has lost on shaded up. Thanks again for tuning into duos. To co founders. Podcasts enjoyed this episode. You could find us on the web at duos. Podcasts dot com as well as google. Play spotify soundcloud stitcher. Please follow us comment and give us love anywhere. You can look next can..

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