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Oil prices. The crude oil futures rose one point eight percent to fifty two dollars and fifty nine cents a barrel in New York. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg. Berg radio News Radio one thousand K. T. O K, A, M, K, X, Y, FM, ninety six point one HD two, Oklahoma City. Pretty rainy day today on these radio one thousand Katie. Okay. And pretty mysterious case came to light Beth Myers. That's right. Such a sad story out of Norman, a big surprise a former lawmaker found dead. I'm Beth Myers. The NewsRadio one thousand K T O K new center. Well Norman police say that they are not looking for suspects in connection with yesterday's fatal shooting. A former state, Senator Jonathan Nichols, there's a lot of elements that come into play in these investigations. And so we're just working through all of that, at this time police spokeswoman, Sarah Jensen. That's what she told news sport today Nichols body was found inside his residence in thirty nine hundred block of aniline drive in Norman police say that he died from an apparent gunshot wound nickle served in the state Senate from two thousand to two thousand twelve the cost of investigating former. Oh, you president David Boren for alleged sexual misconduct and the misreporting of information by U2. US news and World Report has now topped one million dollars. The Oklahoma is report. The latest payment to the Jones day law firm, more than three hundred seventy five thousand dollars was made earlier this week and Oklahoma City. Police now confirm that a decomposing body that was found in a trash ban may twenty second in the fifty seven hundred block of south. Harvey court was sixty two year old Rhonda Jones. She'd been missing for nearly three weeks. Her daughter, Forty-one-year-old, Debra Pollock has been arrested on a first degree murder complaint. Her boyfriend alleges that she killed her mother after an argument federal officials are considering using military installations in Oklahoma, Georgia, or Montana, to temporarily house up to five thousand unaccompanied immigrant children who are in the United States without proper documentation, a Georgia newspaper says authorities toured for Benning yesterday as a preliminary step. They're also looking at fort sill here in Oklahoma and mount Strom air force base in Montana, as temporary shelters. Well, natural disaster is getting the blame for a seventy eight. Eight percent increase in cost of homeowners insurance premiums in Oklahoma. Here's Jacqueline Scott a report from the national association of insurance. Commissioners shows.

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