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WE'RE GOING TO WORK UP TO A. Drum and a couple of elbows, takeoff, duck, yellow duck clothesline. What's a big Russian boot? That's the high spot used bubba main man Kevin Nash and we're talking about a bunch of Shenanigans. We're talking about the pro wrestling business better job into some. Visible, but first before we do Kevin just went on this low break. We took and I. went to the bathroom, and we've got these little gimmicks over here these things they got these automatic sensors in them and wave your hand underneath them water supposed to come on, so I wash my hands after doing my business and assumption, water will not come on and I'm you know Mo- I'm Hittin control every little sense on zinc for fifteen seconds somewhere in my damn hands on his sake waiting for the water to wash the soap off, so then as Piss on it. forty pissed. I'm trying to wash my hands. I'll move over to the next sake when I move over to the next thing. That I was at the water started rushing down so then I. Go back that some is to try to watch my answer. New Water will come on. Whoever invented the sake. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a safe with automatic washes dispenser, and if I ever meet that summits, I'M GONNA. Kick Him Square in the balls for inventing such a stupid contraption I'm talking with my good buddy. Kevin Nash enough of that Kevin you still there, how are you? That that. Waterless urinal hey. Why Obama was. A? Fucking Barn at some point technology on call I've had I got it up to here with this technology. I want to go back to the caveman days. Actually, think that would be kind of fun. Maybe even bring back an old am transistor radio. Teach Oh some budget how to play Marco. Polo! There's too much technology for cat like me to exist in this business, but I keep plowing on like that tank on the battlefield with the WD. Forty owned a damn tracks because the machine must keep rolling I'm talking to Kevin Nash and We've been talking about a bunch of horsh Shit that I enjoyed talking with you about a one down low. You guys came out of New York. You went down into WCW down into the Bush League as you put it so to speak. A step down, but going into guaranteed money, and in a move that would change the pay scale and the payday factor for the the rest of the business, because before you guys were no guaranteed pay days, so a new dynamic existed from that point on, but what was the feel Kevin when you ask rolled into town, and you guys too big intimidating cats, your role in they got everybody had to know where to shit or wind your watch. There had been some nervous cats or some lucky loose, and what's about to go down here? Oh I. Think was a Scotland I and did the I think his first TV was making that. I came and I would think I was Charleston West? Virginia's might show where together and Then we've showed up at the pay per view. I power bombed fish off through the table and people.

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