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Some places for it well this is another taste of winter when all we want is spring this report is sponsored by up work we needed to Mandela demand up work as the world's largest network approved independent professionals and here's an alphabetical list of accountants administrative assistant animators architects you get the point when you need and demand talent on demand up work is how next update in ten minutes on Keighley news radio eight fifty a a ninety four one FM seven big gala judge coming up this afternoon at three will give you the latest from the coronavirus task force and the governor Jerry Polish will be our guest as well we'll see you at three on KOAA news radio we used on five thirty one the Thursday edition of Colorado's morning news April Marty with you this morning fox thirty one pinpoint weather right now thirty one degrees not gonna get much warmer today some winter weather in the year more spring like though tomorrow and through the weekend temperatures back into the fifties and sixties that's where we begin Denver getting hit with another late season taste of winter we're expecting as much as four inches of snow before the system moves out box thirty one chief meteorologist Dave Frasier tells us other areas could see a lot more best known the deepest will clearly be west of I twenty five in across the northern front range so you leave Denver and go up towards places like fort Collins Loveland Longmont continuing towards birth it and then into the foothills near Nederland Alan's park those areas could see anywhere from six to nine inches of snow while most of the metro area under a winter weather advisory three six o'clock tonight other parts of the state including areas west and north west of Denver under a winter weather warning things will warm up tomorrow as you said Marty and into the weekend governor Poloz wants to see some new data before making a decision on rolling back some of the corona virus related restrictions in the state he says the next few days are going to be key because today we don't know whether this is at yet a plateau or whether we're starting to make progress in decreasing the rate of infection and see a downward trend in the number of new cases each day the governor does warn that life as we know will likely include social distancing in the use of masks.

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